“A Day with Caleb Atemi”: Veteran journalist and biographer to train writers at Writers Guild-Kenya

“A Day with Caleb Atemi”: Veteran journalist and biographer to train writers at Writers Guild-Kenya

Caleb Atemi is a prominent Kenyan veteran journalist known for his insightful reporting. He has a strong background in journalism, with a focus on various topics such as security challenges, political violence, and pastoralist militia activities in Kenya. Atemi’s work sheds light on critical issues like cattle rustling, government operations against militias, and the impact of violence on communities. His expertise extends to analyzing conflicts, corruption, and the intricate networks involved in these challenges. Atemi’s contributions to journalism offer valuable perspectives on Kenya’s socio-political landscape, making him a respected figure in media circles.

Caleb Atemi has written and edited several biographies including: A biography of former Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka, former Provincial commissioner and senator David Musila, former head of the Public Service Geoffrey Kareithi and a book about Dr. Betty Gikonyo, “The Girl who dared to Dream”

Besides writing, Caleb serves as the Managing Director at Taikan Martial Arts Academy where he promotes health, fitness and self-defense through martial arts. Atemi is described as “one of Kenyan’s most celebrated journalists” with a long and distinguished career.

Writers Guild-Kenya invites all interested writers for “A Day with Caleb Atemi,” a workshop packed with valuable insights to launch your ghostwriting journey in memoirs, autobiographies, and biographies.

The topics of discussion will include:

  1. Demystifying Ghostwriting: Caleb Atemi will shed light on the world of ghostwriting, exploring its different facets, the writer-client relationship, and navigating common ethical considerations.
  2. Finding Your Niche: Discover how to identify your strengths and target the specific type of ghostwriting that aligns with your writing style and interests.
  • Crafting Compelling Narratives: Learn practical techniques for structuring a captivating story, conducting effective interviews, and drawing out the essence of your client’s unique voice.
  1. The Business of Ghostwriting: Gain practical knowledge on negotiating contracts, setting fees, and building a sustainable ghostwriting career.
  2. Q&A with a Pro: Get your burning questions answered in an interactive session with Caleb Atemi.

Network with fellow writers and gain the tools to turn your writing passion into a profitable career!

Workshop details are as follows:

Date: 18th May, 2024

Time: 9.00am to 5pm

Venue: Passionist Retreat Centre, Karen.

Book: +254748055879 or link-  https://forms.gle/cbYTmRqorsR8UFEC8


Cost: (Inclusive of all meals, training facilities and certificate of participation):

Ksh. 3,500 for Writers Guild-Kenya Members

Ksh. 4,500 for Non-Members


See you there!

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