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Swahili With Mariana: Mwandishi Mlezi wa Kiswahili Na Felix Odhiambo Mariana Kweyu ni mwalimu wa Kiswahili na anapenda watoto wadogo. Yeye ni mtu anayezungumza lugha zaidi ya moja na anapenda kushirikiana na wazungumzaji wa lugha zingine. Mariana anathamini ufundi na ubunifu wa waandishi hivyo, yeye ni mmoja...

        THE STRONG SELF BY SUSAN  WAWIRA                 God created with a purpose. He created us uniquely and intellectually. I feel mine has much to do with writing. Talent is Godly. In fact it can’t be copied. Mostly, we inherit this magnificent...

Perception. My coat values Just as yours.   Until I tell you To your idol it belonged.   Mine a shoe values As the market dictates.   Until I tell you to To your idol it belonged.   What if us they’ve told? What they’re not.   What if they are not? As perfect as they claim?   By, Fanon Kihu.          ...