By Brian Joseph

Questions of my youth is a very nice and informative book, the author invites us to help him as he explores answers to many unanswered questions. For example where do our twenty four hours go?

The book starts in a very dramatic manner, where there are two people conversing: a man and God. The heated conversation revolves around God pointing out that the man doesn’t give Him quality time. The man in his defense claims that he doesn’t have time. God in turn asks the man how much time the man has allocated to his girlfriend and the man goes silent. In a nutshell this is an inner calling to start giving God his time.

My second lesson from the book is to use the opportunity we have right now, since we don’t know of tomorrow. Owing to the adage that yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not yet so we have today, maximize your today since our tomorrow is not guaranteed. The author gives of a story of how in a minute, he went from being safely in a bus traveling to the countryside to being in an ambulance fighting for his life, owing to the fact that he had been involved in an accident.

The next lesson I learnt from the book is to make my life more sensible by serving others without tiring. This means that we should not despise people coming for our help, instead we should be more than eager to serve as the Swahili wise men said ” Tenda Wema nenda Zako“. We should never expect favors to be rendered to us in payment of a service we offered.

Do you know your enemy? PROCRASTINATION is the enemy. Saying that you will do it tomorrow is the enemy of success. Why can’t you just do it today? The enemy is the voice telling you that you are a failure, you can’t do it, that one that tells you it cant be done .The author invites us to fight our real enemies

‘I loved him so much but he chose to hurt me’ or ‘I loved her so much but she decided to hurt me’ are common words. HEARTBREAKS are said to be part of life but that is where we all go wrong. Allow Me to challenge your minds a little bit and let’s go back to primary school, when we we’re learning about the fruits of the holy spirit. Which we’re they? Did you mention love? Yes Love is a gift but why should it lead to tears? Why should we spend the better part of our lives hating and cursing those who hurts us. To those who hurt others, why hurt other people, simply if you can’t love her completely leave her and when the feeling is gone, when its over, leave and stop watering a dead flower.

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