United. The states are united The kingdom united.   Why then, is it a bother, To unite mother Africa?   There is something Against unity hovering.   As the united gain. Exploiters endure pain.   Theirs a wholesome gain The disunited are in pain.   They never want you united Yet they are tightly united.

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AWAKEN By Mary Nyanduko When you embrace the filth in your life, it will stay. When you sweep it away, it will go. When you clean the recesses of your mind, they will shine. And when you embrace fear, it will Clasp-It will burden you with a small mind and clenched fists. A timid approach.

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Our way.

Our way. Africa you are the underdog Your leaders have to play ball Or else we bring you war.   You have to lower your head Or else it will get shaved Mutineers will be replaced.   You have to know your place Don’t mess with our space Or interrupt ours a pace.   It

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Three stones

Three stones. A community would cook Only three stones it took.   They would put a pot On three stones on top.   As the potted food boiled The stones they’d surround.   Enjoying the emanating heat Many stories would heat.   Wisdom would be passed History would be narrated.   One day visitors came

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