COME… By Sylvester H Wauye.   Come and kiss me the way the flames of fire licks leaps in the sultry air.   Come and consume me the way a flame Consumes and devours rustling leaves.   When you are done I will be like the dying embers of a once fiery log Lying

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The mask

The mask By Sylvester H. Wauye   I’m am enticed, I want to know what’s behind that mask. I do not want to get spooked. I’ve watched enough horror movies that almost made me a psycho. I know there’s yet another veil of mascara, lipstick and foundation concealing the doted lines.   I’m worried but

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The Rose

The Rose* by Emmanuel Otieno Obwanga   The wind blew , Trees that made it due, Shackle shackle like spree, The goose leapt with dew, Cold and breezing, Dancing with joy amazing, The old man , Holding his gun, Bold like gold, Fought and wrote, “My youth” Strong and uncouth, Still bright and clear, Shine

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