By Agustus Mutunga

Have you ever been a victim of domestic violence? How was your experience in such an irritating situation? Most of the people who suffer from this are women. Statistics from the world health organization (WHO) indicate that 30 percent of women worldwide go through domestic violence from their intimate or non-intimate partner. If you are a woman among this 30 percent or a man who subjects your partner to this kind of a situation, you have to know what the effects of domestic violence and how it could be remedied.

First, what causes domestic violence? Drugs may contribute to violence and related behaviors. A person who does things under the influence of drugs is more likely to be violent or abusive. When a woman engages is an argument with a drunk man, more likely the man would not control his violent impulses toward the woman. This subjects the woman to either physical, emotional or physiological violence. Drugs and substance abuse would make people act violently without knowing.

Another cause of domestic violence against women is cultural influence. People who violate their partners maybe they may have been victims or at some point have seen violence as they grow up. This means that if a man violates a woman, more likely the man learnt that behavior as he grew up. Children who witness or are victims of violence they will always believe that violence is the only way to solve any unreasonable conflict that arises. Boys who grow seeing violence being directed to women will always tend to violate women who they engage with in future. Some other communities never value or respect the women. A boy child who grows in such an environment will tend to be abusive to women in future. Girls who witness violence in their family origin might be violated by their husbands in future.

What are the effects of domestic violence? The main reason why many of the children are brought up by a single parent is because of domestic violence. If the farther parts with the mother, the children will always land at the hands of one of the parent. The role of each parent in bringing up a child is imperative. Perhaps most of the children who grow in a single parent home would lack some elements of good living skills. Depressions and is another major effect. If a woman is violated, thoughts of that accumulate in her mind and this may lead to a state of depression.

How should we remedy this situation? First, it’s through the law. If you are domestically violated by your partner seek legal advice. Laws are set to protect every gender in a marriage and no one should take advantage of the situation of another.

The other remedy is agreement. As a couple or partners always consult with your partner on better ways of solving relationship related challenges. Accusing the other and taking dire actions against them would not bring peace at all. Always learn to listen to the excuse of your partner.

The last remedy is by providing economic opportunities, mentorship to intimate partners and other people who might violate their partners. This can be achieved by organizing community programs which should be addressed by survivors of domestic violence. Adults and families should nature their children in a domestic free environment so that they won’t copy the bad behaviors of violence.

Domestic violence against women is endemic in every country. According to WHO data, 1 in 3 women which is around 736 million suffer from domestic violence. This is an alarming figure. Men, who majorly take the major part in violating women should style up so that we can stop the prevalence of this violence. Everyone should take the roles under their capacity and save the millions of women going through domestic violence.







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  1. The article is absolutely educative,informing what the negative situation women are undergoing all over the country.The solutions I really cherish them since they shall change our society.

  2. Well narration about women mistreatment which when based to the remedies provided,men need to change their attitude towards violating turn to come up in a mutual understanding of each other’s situation and finally come up in a peaceful agreement

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