I found a New Bae & You too can Date her!


By Gabriel Dinda

You see today, I was telling my colleague and friend, Kelvin Orina(he calls himself SI Unit) that this is the best time to have lived and he doubted for a while. “Gabriel, what do you mean this is the best time to live, don’t you see Kaburas all around us?” But then I told him that even with Kaburas around, there is still so much to smile about.

One of such is my new found love; whom I would wish to share with you. Very few people volunteer to share their baes. I am among the few and that tells you the level of generosity in me. Indeed, I am so generous.

I have been meaning to do something with the internet, which God blessed us  with since we got a new office in ICEA Building (by the way if you know any writer who would wish to grow, direct them to us).  I have been telling Kelvin that, with internet and the way the world is opening up, it is us who find limit to ourselves. And it is true by the way. Si vako!

So, having procrastinated for so long(which is not a good thing), today, I decided to pull a curfew on myself. I said that, despite the huge in tray of work which awaited me, I decided that I would not do anything before finding something better to do with the blessing in form of Internet which we have. So, I went to my email and realized that, I am registered in YALI Network and they have been sending me emails reminding me of the many free online courses which I can take and learn from. I am so sorry to the founders of this program because I haven’t been taking heed to what you tell me. I only take heed of your apology message for not selecting me as one of the trainees in your Cohorts(by the way it’s the 3rd time you have rejected me, it’s okay!).

So, I gave it a try, went to:  yali.state.gov/courses  and started off. Within a very short time, I had my first Certificate. Even though the Certificate had nothing in resemblance to my Degree which I received from KU, it was such a pleasure to have it. That notwithstanding, I enjoyed the online courses. The Instructors seem to know their thing. They are calm, and very clear. They don’t tweng like some people I know(I didn’t say you tweng). And guess what, I chose the videos, they are very short; just enough time to let you off to go back to your Whatsapp and chat with your ‘Unconditional bae’-it’s the second time I am using this word and I think I should stop.

Now, I am going home and I have three certificates (With US Logo of Course). One of them is on the Topic: Management Strategies for People and Resources. So, assume I was called for an Interview, and then alongside my KU Degree, I go with a Certificate like this, don’t you think I will have advantage over Atieno whose only stronghold is make-up? You see?

But wait, how long did it take me to do it? About 9 minutes, and it will help determine what I become for a lifetime. You see, the way we have so much control in our lives? You see.. but we keep complaining… Ooh no, that’s why I normally advice people, please call Reginah on +254790207476 and register for ACCA, because one day, you might just regret it.

Please, please, if you have internet at your place, your school (I know there is a lab in your school), even in a cyber, register and do the YALI courses and get your cert. If Trump wins, you never know what he might do to this noble initiative, but before then, let’s take advantage of this lovely investment by American people. Don’t you see why this is the best time to have lived?

Stop the talking, start the doing! Now you can date my bae

Let’s talk: gdinda@writersguildke.com

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