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By Eunice Akinyi 

The call to run into a writing spree, or just an exhilarating excursion, usually spurs gaiety. Think of a child who hasn’t seen her father for over a year and then the father sends her a message that he will be coming to see her or he just jets in unannounced. Imagine the love, the joy, the honour and even the privilege to cast out the tears and what she missed while he was away.

Well, it was the same case for us, The Writers Guild Kakamega Chapter, when we had a round table discussion with the father of young writers, Gabriel Dinda this past weekend on 9th November, 2019.

An exuberant group of budding writers, drawn from all walks of professionalism –from the tech savvies, to literally critics, prudent economist and even the journalistic souls – together with representative members of the Kakamega chapter were quick to respond to the urgent call.

The Kakamega team agreed that passion had led them to the fight between their books and pens. Passion had made them traverse through the mantra of the battle of wits. It is by their passion that they have managed to maintain the oneness, and fought to bring Writers Guild, Kakamega Chapter to an excellent scale.

Haji, a student from Sigalagala Polytechnic vows that Writers Guild is a platform which has upgraded his writing skills, and led him to publishing most of his articles in the dailies.
Birai, a 4th year journalism student from MMUST and a videographer, has an interesting gist on telling stories through videography.

Mohammed, a journalism student from Sigalagala Polytechnic and a budding writer wishes to grow his circle by meeting people who will hold his hands to greater heights. Writers Guild Kakamega has been home to him too.

Akinyi, an outgoing Student of Literature in MMUST narrated that perfecting her skill in writing fiction has done her great justice, rather than posing as a ghost writer in the non-fictional world. Through Writers Guild, she has been able to meet literary critics and lovers of the written word who have been a great motivation to her.

Others included Julius the poet, a 3rd year Economics student at MMUST and Richard, the master blogger.
At Writers Guild Kakamega, the national libraries, the schools around, and the personnel at large work hand in hand to help us generate success and pursue our interests

Five take aways;

  1. Do what you can do best.
  2. Always work to perfect your skill.
  3. Fight and get what you want.
  4. Make use of what you have at hand.
  5. Is it a matter of creating the perfect circle?
    Connecting yourself with the right people? Getting to connect with the best publishing house around? Then fight the battle, break the chains, and pursue what you want. With human resource lies a bounty success.

We have no choice but to forge like militants and conquer the world. It’s possible, if we keep trying.


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