WGK Affiliate Membership

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This is the basic level engagement with Writers Guild Kenya. An affiliate to Writers Guild Kenya is entitled to an Affiliation card which is given after the completion of registration process. Upon completion of the process, one is formally referred to as an Affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya

Requirements to be an affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya are:

  1. Filling of the affiliation form and submitting to Writers Guild Kenya.
  2. Annual Registration fee of Ksh. 1000 payable to Writers Guild Kenya.
  3. Duly register with the respective local Chapter of Writers Guild Kenya (as guided by Writers Guild Kenya Chapters Constitution).

Benefits of Being an Affiliate to Writers Guild Kenya

  • Exposure to all Writers Guild Kenya platforms (those that are freely accessible to affiliate partners)
  • Exposure to writing  or related opportunities and notices from Writers Guild Kenya
  • Access to attendance of activities organized by Writers Guild Kenya and its partners.
  • Limited access to network of writers, mentors and corporate partners (preference given to incubates).
  • Limited consultation on writing and sharing of your published articles (from your blog or publications), within the global network of writers which are affiliated to us. This is done under special arrangements.
  • Publication of individual written articles to Writers Guild Kenya media outlets and exposure through such platforms.
  • Limited access to other activities which Writers Guild Kenya is part of to ensure growth of a complete writer and member of society


  • Acting as a brand ambassador to Writers Guild Kenya
  • Provision of continuous mentorship, connections and long term relationship with Writers Guild Kenya.
  • Provision of refresher exercises to grow and nourish one’s writing.
  • Can exchange reading materials through the Writers Guild Kenya library(subject to the Regulations of the Library)
  • Unlimited access to Writers Guild Kenya Resource Centre and services.
  • Recognition of an affiliate to Writers Guild Kenya.