Writers Guild Kenya Writer Incubation

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This is a period of constant engagement in writing and related areas signified by the first three months of intensive practical learning and incubation at The Writers Centre, Nairobi. All those who register for Incubation are henceforth referred to as Incubates of Writers Guild Kenya.

Requirements to be incubated

  1. Commitment to learn and practice the aspects of practical writing skills.
  2. Registration fee of Ksh. 1000(to be an affiliate member), and Tuition fee of Ksh. 24,600(Can be paid in installments)

Benefits of an Incubate.

  • Practical weekly writing training (classes done in Nairobi only for now)
  • Constant engagement with writing stakeholders
  • Capacity building activities and forums for writing.
  • Personalized writing services
  • Personalized Mentorship in areas of interest.
  • Access to our publishing services or those of our partners.
  • Unlimited access to marketing of the published works (products), through all our channels.



  • Unlimited access to opportunities from  and forums created by Writers Guild Kenya and its partners
  • Unlimited access to Writers Guild Kenya media outlets.
  • Unlimited access to Writers Guild Kenya Resource Centre and services.
  • Unlimited access to other activities which Writers Guild Kenya is part of to ensure growth of a complete writer and member of society
  • Can borrow books and other reading materials from Writers Guild Kenya(subject to regulations on use of Library)
  • Provision of continuous mentorship, connections and long term relationship with Writers Guild Kenya.
  • Acting as a representative of Writers Guild Kenya.

The Relationship levels above are the only two routes to enjoying the services offered by Writers Guild Kenya.

Registration Details

 Writers Guild Kenya

The Writers Centre, Nairobi.

Email: mail@writersguildke.com

Phone number: +254707971666

Bank Details

Account Number-1170473326

Account Name-The Writers Centre-Kenya

Branch-KCB Kipande Street.


MPESA Till No.596453

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