Self Publishing Service

Self Publishing

1. What is the self-publishing service?

-Provision of Professional and Competitive Editing, Proofreading, Design, Production, and printing of your book at your cost.
– The Client(Author), retains full rights, benefits, risk and responsibility of the book.
– Distribution costs of the book are excluded, however, a separate arrangement exists should the client be interested.

2. Is my manuscript ready for publishing?

Quick Reading Test

Why do I want to Publish?
Whom do I target?
Have I self-edited the manuscript at least twice?
Have I shared it with at least 3 of my close friends/associates who have read it and given me feedback?
Did I write it, let it away and came back to it after a month? Did I like it?

“We all need have our unique stories. Those who choose to publish them, immortalize themselves. What a chance to ‘escape’ death!’ – Gabriel Dinda, Founder, Writers Guild Kenya.

Self-publishing Overview with Writers Guild of Kenya

  1. Evaluation: Writers Guild Kenya receives the manuscript (or the first few sections) and does an evaluation (to determine readiness for publishing).
  2.  Contract: Once evaluated, and established to be ready for Publishing, WGK and the author signs a Publishing Contract(containing the terms and the costs).
  3.  Strategy: The timelines are set and agreed on by both parties.
  4.  Perspectives: Editorial work sets in (Editing, Proofreading, Design and Layout, Approval and Printing).
  5.  Evidence: The book is handed over to the author/client.
  6.  Presentation: Launch or Distribution arrangements made (if desired).
  7.  Inspiration: Your book is now ready to influence the world.

3. What else should I know?

  • The published work shall bear Writers Guild Kenya’s logo on the front or   back cover.
  • The copyright is attributed to the author.
  • The client pays a down payment of 50% of the total publication cost before any work commences, 25% of the remaining amount once the work is done and approved (soft copy), and the other 25% upon receipt of the sample copies of the book (hard copy).
  • Marketing, sales, and distribution are the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed with the Writers Guild Kenya.
  •  All proceeds from the sales belong to the client except where the distribution fee is charged.
  •  The contract of the book elapses when the client approves the work upon the receipt of soft copies (writing done in email), and hardcopy (signed physical copy of approval letter). Thereafter, any proposed change is regarded as a new project whose cost is renegotiated and paid separately. Approval of the work must be done in writing.“The personalized attention you get at Writers Guild Kenya is incomparable. If you get it in here, then you have it right,” – Christine Kinyua, Author of Nurse on The Run/Paedriatric Nurse, MP Shah Hospital.

Request for quote for your manuscript and get it in minutes

Writing Fees 1600 per page.
(Times New Roman, Font 12, single space)
Evaluation of Manuscript.
Comprehensive Evaluation- Ksh. 300 per page.

Partial Evaluation (for 20 pages and below)- Ksh. 200 per page.

Design (Cover and Layout)
-Including limited Marketing Materials =30,700
Editing(Comprehensive Editing) Ksh. 500 per page
Printing (based on need) (Print on demand at the same cost per unit)

Service(ISBN, Copyright registration, general advisory, administrative costs, Amazon, Writing consultancy etc) = 27,500

TOTAL (Based on Specifications above)

How is Writers Guild Self Publishing Service Different?

  1.  Personalized attention-it is you and us!
  2.  Post- publishing support (distribution, review, marketing, discussion, and guidance)
  3.  Access to modern marketing avenues (Social Media, Non-Book events, Unique Marketing channels etc.)
  4.  Unmatched Editorial excellence hence guaranteed quality.
  5.  By Publishing with us, you join our Family hence accessibility to unlimited networks and other benefits.
  6.  Easily accessible for you 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-publishing

1. Can my book return the investment I put in it?

Yes, depending on how you package your work, it is so easy for your book to return the investment. The mistake most authors make is to only depend on book sales and worse still depend on the traditional methods of distribution (Library and Bookshops). Our readers have moved to Social Media and non-book events. If you are smart enough to use the book as your business card, or as a key to an opportunity, and also tap into the new avenues of distribution, you will not only return the investment but you will also live on it.

2. How can I raise the finances to publish? Your costs seem too high?

If you compare our costs and the costs of a poorly done book, you will then notice that we are so affordable. A bad book is bad for your work, your name and itself (as a book). There are a number of persons and organizations willing to finance book publications. Our flexible payment plan where we can publish you then you pay as you sell has also enabled many people to publish. Lack of money shouldn’t make you publish a book of poor quality. The secret is to look around.

3. I am told that Africans don’t read. Who will buy my book?

Granted, Africa might not have as many readers as other parts of the world. However, to assume that Africans DON’T read is to make an error. There are many ardent readers, and many people who would love to be guided and supported in starting their readership. If only you would ensure the content of your book is juicy, then package it well (quality publishing), and finally, you present it where required, you will be so surprised where the readers have been.

4. Next Steps

Reach out today
Vera Dinda
The Writers Centre, Nairobi.


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