Land Of Bornes

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About the author  

Tom Mwiraria is a Biographer, Kenyan Writer, and Journalist. 


His essays, feature stories and short stories have appeared in magazines, newspapers and journals such as The Kalahari review, Hekaya Review, Writers Space Africa, East Africa Sustainable Tourism Agenda, Bibsbebe Magazine, Daily Nation and Academia. He is a contributing writer with BIO Voices project by UN Environment, UN Environment Global Outlook 6 Publication.

A Pan-Africanist at Heart, Rights Campaigner and environmentalist, he has been awarded Eco-Warrior Award by Eco-Tourism Kenya for promoting people, culture and Heritage through writing. In 2018, he was nominated as finalist Youth Advocate of the Year by Africa Youth Awards.

Mwiraria, the Founder Nairobi Literary Café is also a Member of International Journalists Network (Ijnet), Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), and Writers Guild Kenya


About the book 

These stories do not pretend to be nice. They are raw, stark and haunting. 

They are breaths in the mist and screams in the dusk. These stories are luscious fruits from tree of hope. They are roots of reality. These stories are black and white. They are painful blisters and ruptures of joy. These stories pit the forces of light and dark against each other.  Will knight of light win against agents of utopia ? 


Here’s to yarn of dusk and here’s to glory of dawn. If you love these short stories, you will love them. If you hate these short stories, you will hate them. 

These stories are about our species. These are creations of the land.  

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