Mugeni Ojiambo is by training a Biochemist (Bsc. Biochemistry) from the University of Nairobi. Currently, he is a Solutions Consultant with Apple Inc., Middle East. Spanning over nine years of ardent creative writing, he has produced four published and several unpublished books. Some of his fiction books published include, Shades of Misfortunes (2017) and The Winning Team (2019).

He is a world traveller and loves experiencing different cultures and learning new languages. He loves reading, but he is addicted to writing.



A building has collapsed. One of the tenants, Lily, a fourth -year student at the University of Nairobi is presumed “dead”. People have gathered to bury her remains. How did she end up living outside the hostels? And is she really dead?

If she is, what happens to the child she gave birth to? A child whose father Lily had no clue resulting from an ordeal that that leaves her traumatised and weary of men; and torn between fear and love for her son. In search of her child’s needs, she traverses through a journey of insatiable thirst for survival. All this time, her son’s father is watching from a distance.

Pain & The Secrets is an aching story full of mystery and suspense, love and hate, betrayal and misfortune life and loss, misfortune and triumph and the ironies of life.



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