So, how badly do you want it?

By Immaculate Ajiambo

Indeed, the year 2017 has started with a bang. When I turn to my
right, left and center I see opportunities  trickling in like an
overflowing pot. I’m excited over this and I’m enthusiastic that I
have outlined all the possible contests relevant to me in my to do
diary. However, there is a cloud of doubt that lurks in my mind. At
some point I feel like I’m not adequately equipped for some. However,
last evening excellence was put back into my confession,
determination, meditation and thinking. I was sharing with my mother
how the judges of World bank blog 4 development contest will have a
rigorous task following numerous applications  having noted that it
was  the highly shared opportunity in my social media circles.

“Will you be participating?” She asked.

“I’m undecided”  I replied with so much confidence.

The following is what I learnt from mother. We are in a world of
competition for survival.  Nobody will give you success without you
breaking a sweat. Experience the pain and gain what you desire.

Moreover, do not look at the numbers who are competing against you.
Most of the time we create our own failure by comparing ourselves to
others. Let it be clear that an achievement is moving from one
position to another in your life therefore comparison should be on
self progress. Once you advance your self you can cut through any type
of competition.

Set an inner motivation. This will drive you towards your set goal. At
this point do not think of not succeeding but give your best and
unleash your stored energy for the said task. A good turn deserves
another. There is no way you can deliver your best and miss out in the
list of the short listed or the special mentions.

If you want something you will immerse yourself into getting the best
out of it. Get involved in your success. There is no secret to
success. You are the magic wand so do it whole heartedly. On matters
writing, where you have to research do it and derive joy in that.Also,
organize your work in  a way that is captivating.

Lastly, you can only stop when it is done but not when you feel tired.
Keep moving to your destination no matter the form of movement;
walking, jogging, running etc.

Ajiambo is a student at Moi University.

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