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The TeensWrite is a flexible course for Teenagers who are passionate about Creative Writing and would wish to sharpen their writing skills so that they can be ready for an illustrious writing journey.

The course is taught using practical examples, engaging exercises and fun activities that are designed to ensure that the skills taught are easily grasped.

Other than physical classes, learners can register and get the classes online.


Through the course, the student will be able to:

  • Become a critical thinker, reader and keen writer who is able to capture experiences as they unfold in a captivating manner.
  • Appreciate books and write better and authentic scripts.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the value of general reading.
  • Gain skills to help him/her start writing.
  • Learn how to read for maximum benefits.
  • Learn how to plan and complete a writing project.
  • Read more, write consistently and influence their future.

Through this course, parents will learn to:

  • Encourage and build good reading and writing habits in their children.
  • Bridge the gap that students miss in school; looking at reading as a tool of lifetime service, not passing exams only.

Course Delivery

School Holidays (April, August and December)

Three classes a week (2 hours with a break) for 3 weeks

Practical Lessons and exercises.

Students and guardians will be required to attend the Open Class and Graduation on the first and final day.

Contents of the Course

Week 1


Lesson 1


  • Introduction
  • Reading and Writing: General Overview
Lesson 2


  • Getting started: Introduction to Writing for Ideas and Writing for good
  • How to collect story ideas and try them out
  • Choosing the topic to write about

Assignment: Learners come up with ideas

Lesson 3


  • Putting it all together in a story: How to plan the book before beginning the drafting process
  • Advice, Methods and Strategies to write more
Week 2


Lesson 1


  • Story essentials: Plot, Setting, Characters, Theme, Conflict, point of view, Literary devices  (1)


Lesson 2


  • Story essentials: Plot, Setting, Characters, Theme, Conflict, point of view, Literary devices  (2)
  • Bringing the characters to life: How to develop well-rounded, interesting characters; how to get ideas for characters


Lesson 3


  • How to use storytelling tools (Show don’t tell, story mountain and other ideas)

Class Discussion: Practical discussion of submitted stories


Week 3 Lesson 1


  • How to progress through the stages of drafting, revising, editing and publishing


Lesson 2


  • Avoiding mistakes that annoy editors and publishers
  • Problems writers face and how to navigate them


Lesson 3


  • Thinking Big and Small



Why your child needs this:

  • Writing is now more than just for fun. It develops your child into a thinking adult –the best gift you can give them.
  • General reading helps your child grow mentally. They will perform better in other subjects.
  • Opens your child to the right content before he/she is corrupted.
  • Develops the reading and writing skills in them. Content creation is predicted as the oil of the 21st Century
  • Helps them to manage their time.

Who this course is for:

  • 10-19 Year-olds

Benefit from the training:

  • You will get a certificate at the end of the training.
  • You can get published with us if your content is the best
  • We can help you market your work.
  • We will expose you to writing platforms and the
  • You will get free writing consultancy within the course period.

What we will provide

  • Stationery
  • Snacks (on the physical sessions)
  • Course Materials
  • Close monitoring to check on progress within the period of the course and three months after

Course Cost

The total Fee for TeensWrite is Ksh.15,000 (Inclusive of VAT)

Payment Methods:


A/C Name: The Writers Guild Kenya

A/C Number; 1170473326

Kenya Commercial Bank (Kipande Road)


Mpesa Paybill:

Ac No: 226315

AC Name: Write (Your Name) e.g Write Victor

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