The Hook in Books

By Eugene Rop

Books are golden treasures. Napping neatly on shelves. Storing the greatest of life lessons.  Waiting for anyone, to embrace them and drink from their literal fountain.

It’s therefore certain to affirm that books are the best gifts that we can bequeath to the coming generations.

The safest way to preserve our civilization after everything in the face of the earth is obliterated into gloomy ruins.

I wasn’t much into reading at my early teenage.  I frowned upon books. Scorned anybody who looked fascinated by it.

Most of the time, I played soccer, sometimes watched movies and other time munched cookies chatting up a buddy.

Then I met Celestine.  A pretty smasher with a charming smile. I was making some errands with my younger brother Oscar in downtown, Eldoret.

It was a breezy evening,  with the cold, we had to catch a drink for our nerves. We walked into  a coffee shop, at Komora Centre.

We were served perfect steaming cup of coffee. I swiveled my eyes through the shop.

I was attracted to the lonely girl at the other side of the window.

She was in a cocktail party dress. That whooshed away the pronounced features of her flawless figure.

Slowly and importantly sipping her coffee, then going back to read.

I tried to check on the title of the book that she was reading. “A Time To Kill” authored by John Grisham.

Celestine was an avid reader. A girl who had lost her soul to annals of libraries. Cruising and savouring books.

She bathed in refreshing charm of novels. She contemplated at sunset after dipping on flash fiction on mid-morning.

I wanted to love her. She couldn’t love me. Because I hated books. While she loved them. And I guess, she couldn’t cheat on books by having me.

So  I visited the local bookseller. Bought a little romantic novella. And I read her at the flower gallery.

She look flattered.  A fire sparked in her coral eyes. A wall of ice crumbled. She asked my name for the first time.  I told her.

“Just call me Osintorionideranta”

“What!” She quipped.

She broke into peals of laughter.  The first laughter I had heard from her.

From that day, I discover a new bubbly world of books. Incredible and deeply life changing. It has never been the same. Books indeed are little pieces of gold. Books are life. Reading is breathing in and writing is breathing out.

Books are beautiful.

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Eugene is a passionate reader, writer and a student of Mount Kenya University. Email-


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