The Last Call to “Write Your Passion”

Every three months, we begin to guide a tiny group of writers 100% determined to achieve their writing goals.

Whether that means:

  • Starting your own blog, website or any other channel
  • Writing the best book, you can
  • Making money writing
  • Or whatever else you dream of

This is the most practical and personal mentorship that we offer- and it’s strictly limited to 20 Writers at a time.

This offer is open to both Fiction and Nonfiction writers; whether you are writing a novel, a memoir, a how-to book, or something else.

If you answer this call and you are accepted, that means:

  • We will teach you and equip you with basic tools you need to start
  • We will look at your work regularly
  • We will edit the pieces of your writing and advise you regularly
  • You will have a direct line to contact your Growth Partner and us, whenever you are confused, discouraged, or frustrated.
  • You will attend an online class over 6 weeks and then join our Incubates Program, where we will support you over the next year.

Therefore, over the next year, we will work together to make sure your story is as compelling as possible.

We will give you the necessary tools to become the best writer you can be.

We will expose you to our network of mentors, facilitators, and writers with a view to supporting you and encouraging you in this journey.


We have held the hands of 40 writers since November 2019 and as they begin their journey of influencing the world through the pen, here’s what they’ve told us.



One more thing about this course, it is the most expensive training we offer (because it has to be). If that’s a problem, we can talk scholarship or this may not be for you.


Ready to take the giant step towards achieving your writing goals over the next year? Let’s do it together.  Click here to apply and then expect our call




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