Write Your Passion

Whether you are staring at a blank page and need inspiration to proceed or you’re polishing your work for publication, Write Your Passion, will strengthen your skills, light your path and energize you to make a move.


Have you thought of writing a Non-Fiction book? Or you’ve written one you’re not entirely proud of? Or thought of professionalizing your writing?

This course is tailored specifically for you; to inform and give your writing a unique perspective. We will illustrate practical skills of writing compelling and informative Creative Non-Fiction and walk with you towards achieving your goal through practical Case Studies and easy to follow guidelines. This course will guide you through the process of understanding the essential elements of Creative Non-Fiction Writing, the writing process, polishing your script to publishable standards and post-writing needs to make your writing achieve its purpose. It will also help you identify opportunities in Non-Fiction Writing and ways through which you can sell your work.

Course Period: 5 weeks of flexible focus on your writing

Course Intakes: February, June, September & November

Delivery methodology: Case Studies, Practical Presentations, Guest writers visit, Individual engagements & Study Materials, Group work,


v You are knowledgeable in a field, which can benefit others.

v You have always wanted to publish but you seem to lack the confidence to make a move.

v You are unsure of which avenues to use to tell your story in affordable yet quality way.

v You are concerned by the loss of important details/stories if they are not written.

Course contents and dates:

Week 1:

Part I: Introduction: Where to begin, Steps towards telling your story

i) Why should you write?

ii) The Context of Writing and Reading in Africa

iii) Great writers, great reading Habits (Case Study)

iv) What is your Writing story?

v) The art and Business of Writing

Part II: Inspired to Write?

i) Write the book you want to read(activity)

ii) Virtue in writing: Writing to serve a Higher Purpose

iii) Finding your best story ideas & turning them into a compelling story (next class activity)

iv) Writing as Commitment & Concrete planning (not just fun)

v) Creating the Habit of Writing and Reading

vi) Setting your writing goals

vii) Polishing Moments-Review session for our articles and writings

Week 2:

Part I: The Road Less Travelled: options it takes to tell your story

· Fiction

· Non-Fiction

· Creative Non-Fiction

· Use of Creative Writing Skills to tell compelling stories

Part II: It’s time to Write

  •  Image in Narrative; the picture tells the story
  • Story first, plot second (The story genius)
  • Exploring intense storytelling in Non-Fiction
  • Sensory responses; how to bring alive places and things
  • Ingredients of exceptional writing: Clarity, simplicity, elegance and evocativeness.
  • Show don’t tell
  • We want to read your story

Polishing Moments-Review session for our articles and writings

Week 3:

The Unknown yet inevitable (Editing & Proofreading)

Why edit?

  •  Hands on Involvement in Editing & Re-writing (Comprehensive, Structural Editing and aspects of Proofreading)
  • Writing from the heart & editing with no mercy.
  • Editing Softwares and use for effective writing.
  • Growing Editing Culture for all writers.
  • Polishing Moments-Review session for our articles and writings


Week 4:

Your Story

Writers’ Individual Story

Week 5:

Part I: The Publishing Laboratory

i) Why Publish?

ii) The Future of the written word.

iii) Different avenues, one goal.

Part II: The Intangibles-Take-aways that cannot be measured

i) Marketing your work to a 21st Century buyer

ii) Beating Writers Block at its game.

iii) Legal issues in writing; copyrights, plagiarism etc.

iv) Writing and Reading as a habit

v) Polishing Moments-Review session for our articles and writings

Week 6: Graduation & Power to Write



Why Writers Guild Kenya

Whether you want to experiment with writing for yourself or you’d wish to publish professionally, we have worked with writers from both extremes and we have carefully packed this course to suit your needs.

ü We have different genres. Be sure to find one which suits you.

ü We have been in this journey of mentoring writers for over five years and we have sampled material that is relevant and timely.

ü Our tutors are understanding to a fault. They have been our mentors and held our hands for the five years.

ü Other than the physical classes, we provide hand-outs and sample writings for further study and practice.

ü We provide a file with all the materials you’ll need for the whole course.

ü Our classes have been scheduled to accommodate everyone.

ü Other than physical classes, you can register and get the classes online.

How do I benefit from the training?

a) You can be published with us if you so wish and if your material is ready.

b) We help you market your work.

c) We will expose you to writing platforms.

d) You will get free writing consultancy within the course period.

e) You will get a certificate at the end of the training.

f) You can secure writing jobs with us or our partners.

g) We will link you with clients in your areas of interest.

h) Exposure to the wide network of writers and professionals in our network.

What we will provide

· Stationery

· Snacks

· Course Materials

· A follow up dinner every two months to check on progress

General Information

Dressing: Formal casual.

N/B: We can refund half the fee paid only after the first class should you discover this is not for you.

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