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Writers Guild Kenya is a vibrant hub where readers and writers unite to foster a love for literature within families and cultivate a thriving writing culture across the nation.

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In 2014, a spark ignited. A group of students at Kenyatta University, under the leadership of Gabriel Dinda, envisioned a platform to empower aspiring writers and preserve stories for generations to come. This spark blossomed into Writers Guild-Kenya, the vibrant community we are today.

Our journey has been one of continuous growth and impact. We’ve nurtured the talents of countless writers, empowering many who never dared to dream of putting pen to paper. Through collaboration and dedication, we have fostered a thriving community of over 3,000 passionate storytellers across Kenya.

Our efforts have borne fruit. As of 2024, we’ve proudly seen 102 first-time authors published, and countless members find their voices through blogs and various platforms. We’ve witnessed a renewed appreciation for the power of storytelling, and the impact is undeniable.

This journey, fueled by passion and purpose, has been incredibly rewarding. We are thrilled to see the Writers Guild-Kenya community flourish, and we’re excited to keep nurturing the next generation of Kenyan storytellers.

Key Milestones

A decade of mastery of the Craft (2023-2024):

Recent Developments (2021-2022):

Publishing and Growth (2018-2020):

Expansion and Support (2016-2017):

Founding and Early Growth (2014-2015):

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