Introducing ‘The Rustle of Leaves,’ a poetry anthology by Sylvester Wauye

“I wonder how a tomato feels…,”is a line in one of the poems in Sylvester Wauye’s Poetry anthology which should want to make you delve deep into the book to know how it feels. The Rustle of Leaves is, therefore, a panoramic vista of African poetry traversing the varied landscapes of love, politics and various societal issues. While the poems on love can evoke beauty and intensity others can be quite introspective.

In politics the poet explores hope in the midst of despair as he takes a dig at the leaders and the led, the colonizers and the colonized, the immigrant and the host in what is a kaleidoscope of human hypocrisy.

“Beautiful mama Africa, our own bureaucrats, tumbocrats, top dogs, fat cats, and honchos get raunchy when they see you,” croons the poet.

As you read this debut anthology you will rustle through issues of gender and parental neglect as well as the double standards of the West on environmental issues. The poet unleashes a gamut of stylistic devices that range from powerful imagery to rhythm and rhyme. Dear reader, be ready to enjoy the fresh tonic of Wauye’s poetry as he takes you through an exhilarating adventure of love, despair and hope all rolled together in one in the various thematic elements of the book.

Here’s a taste of one of the poems, The Realm of Beauty

How can it be that

you should exist beyond the realms of beauty
as I revive from the shock of your love?
You are an affront to heaven.
Your comeliness is that of paradise.
So many beautiful women I have seen,
but I seem a novice in front of you.
Not even Eve can hold a candle to you;
she can only stare in envy.

The man who could hold your hand
Is long yet to be born,
or is it that the creator forgot
That you needed a companion?  If all the adjudicators
had such a difficult time appraising you,
maybe you could only be an angel.
Otherwise, how do you explain
the fact that your scent awakens the trees at night,
and the wind makes a swishing sound
like a melodious violin,
and the hiding moon peeps from the clouds
to gaze and hold its breath at your sight?

And you could make the sun
be charged with a serious felony
for wanting to come out at odd hours
just to ogle at your glamour.

Please! Don’t make nature commit genocide
out of jealousy because of the impossibility of your beauty,

just to have a tiff with God,
for your gorgeousness is beyond compare.
You are capable of arousing envy
and violence in equal measure.


The author, Sylvester Wauye is a fresh face in the Kenyan Poetry scene. His debut poetry anthology, “The Rustle of Leaves,” leverages on his rich background as a teacher, educationist, politician and observer of world events. His beautifully crafted poems are filled with powerful imagery and other stylistic devices which give them an evocative, reflective and provocative rendering. They bring a rare authenticity in the country’s poetry scenery in matters of the heart, daily struggles of life, politics and religion. Mr. Wauye is not just a poet. He is a writer of children’s stories with an upcoming children’s series and a novel.

Prior to writing, Mr. Wauye was a distinguished High School teacher in Siaya County (Kenya). He then left teaching and worked diligently with the Ministry of Education rising to the position of Deputy Director Quality Assurance and Standards before taking a break to pursue his other passions. Sylvester Wauye holds a Bachelor of Education (Arts) degree and a M.Ed. degree both from Kenyatta University. He also holds a certificate in Senior Management Course and Strategic Leadership Development Programme from the Kenya School of Government. He is a Public Speaker and a member of the Writers Guild of Kenya.

Mr. Wauye is a devouted family man with interests around reading widely, farming, cookery, travelling and giving back to the community. He also writes Strategic Plans when necessary.


Further details on the upcoming book:

The book is available for pre-order at a launch price of Ksh.1350. To pre-order reach out to – +254 723 723071.

The launch will take place on 4th May 2024 from 2pm at Alliance Française Multimedia Library. Book here to take part.


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