About Us

Writers Guild Kenya is a center for readers and writers working to encourage general reading in families and writing culture in Kenya

Through various education and empowering programs, we work unconditionally towards truly growing writers and encouraging reading in our families. Using personalized, friendly and custom-designed models, our organization provides a single platform for true growth in love, service and personal development for the good of all.

If you are interested in love, service and writing, then you are one of us.

Our Vision

To be an ideal home of writers dedicated to selfless service to God and humanity through the pen.

Our Mission

To grow an all-round writer sensitive to the needs of humanity and geared towards the advancement of the well-being of others.

What drives us

  1. Service to God and humanity

Through all we do, our wish is to get closer to God and make others better.

  1. Family and friendship

Before anything else, we are friends and family

  1. Trial and error

Ours is to try our best within our limitations.

  1. Personalized attention

We value you as a person

  1. Lifelong learning

We develop programs and partnerships that advance our knowledge and skills at all levels. The key to this is reading and writing culture in ALL WE DO

  1. Ethical practice

We honor the beliefs, morals and values of the writing profession and help others do the same.

Our Story

In 2014, a group of students in Kenyatta University saw a need to have a platform dedicated to growing writers and encouraging people to write their stories; for posterity. Through God’s inspiration and the leadership of Gabriel Dinda, this desire gave birth to Writers Guild-Kenya as we know it today. 

Since then, we have trained writers, encouraged those who never thought they could write and collaborated with different partners to grow a vibrant family of writers. Eight years later, the efforts have started paying off. As of January 2022, our membership now stands at 3,017 across the country. 

We have also trained and encouraged 102 first-time authors who are now published. Many of our members now run blogs and generally, there is a new meaning and appreciation of our stories through the pen. We are happy that we were right to start this journey and to put in all the efforts over the years.  

Our Promise to you 

“No one gets in contact with Writers Guild-Kenya and remains the same” so does the saying goes. We live our values through the people we serve. Over and above growing you as a writer, being part of WGK gives you a chance to grow as a person. From our writers, clients, leadership to every stakeholder; there is something in WGK that you need to discover. And it is what makes us unique. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that enhancing one’s skill in reading and writing sets them apart in a world where everything is appearing blurred. We believe that reading should not just be a hobby for a few but an obsession for everyone. Writing, on the other hand, should not just be for academic purposes but should be mainstreamed in our lives. As we partake of the richness of life, we should be prepared and equipped to capture everything in writing. Through this, we remain alive today, tomorrow and forever. And as we live beyond our lifetime, so does our heritage. 

How does Joining Writers Guild-Kenya benefit you? 

  1. Exposure to a million and one opportunities for growth 
  2. A special discount on every purchase of books at WGK Bookshop. 
  3. Peer review of your work. 
  4. Professional guidance on your writing. 
  5. Select discount on Writers Guild Kenya Programs. 
  6. A chance to network globally with writers and other stakeholders 
  7. Keeping you informed on information relevant to you 
  8. Dedicated support in your writing journey 

Key Milestones:


  • Writers Guild is registered as a club in Kenyatta University.
  • WGK publishes two issues of All Senses Magazine (meant to create a platform for writers).
  •  WGK founds The Campanile Magazine (a Publication of Kenyatta University Students Council) and publishes Career Focus Magazine on behalf of Kenyatta University Career Office.
  • WGK wins the award for ‘Most Promising Entrepreneurial Venture’ by Africa Liberty Organization for Africa (Uganda).
  •  WGK Collaborates with VibeCampo and starts a Writers Club in Eldoret (based in Moi University).
  • Registers 72 Writers to its incubation Centre.


  •  Moves offices to Nairobi town, I & M Building, for easy access.
  • Publishes ‘Through the Journey of Hope’, a poetry anthology by WGK.
  • Initiates and organizes 37 editions of Writers Ekklesia, a weekly writers’ meeting.
  •  Recruits 402 Writers to the Incubation Centre.
  •  Offers content services to Strathmore University, Kenyatta University, ACCA, Kenya.
  • Employs 18 Writers on different projects.


  • Moves offices to Nairobi town, I & M Building, for easy access.
  • Publishes ‘Through the Journey of Hope’, a poetry anthology by WGK.
  • Initiates and organizes 37 editions of Writers Ekklesia, a weekly writers’ Open Access Session.
  • Recruits 402 Writers to the Incubation Centre.
  • Offers content services to Strathmore University, Kenyatta University and ACCA Kenya.
  • Creates employment for a total of 18 Writers on different projects.


  • Partners with National Museums of Kenya to encourage writing and reading with a view to preserving Kenya’s heritage.
  • Partners with John Kaheni Residence(our training Centre).
  • Organizes 44 Writers Ekklesia sessions and four Writers Workshops.
  • Starts a self-publishing unit and publishes 5 books by our authors (products of the Incubation Centre).
  • Creates employment for 33 Writers on different projects.
  • Streamlines communications with Writers across Kenya hence becomes more visible.
  • Hits 15,000 following mark in Social Media


  • Partners with the Kenya National Library Services for more book events.
  • Publishes 8 more books by home-grown first-time authors.
  • Hits 20,000 followings (readership on Social Media)
  • Celebrates 4 years of hope.
  • Joins Kenya Publishers Association as a Member.


  • Publishes 19 more books under the publishing unit
  • Partners with Your2read.com to start a writing competition for short stories
  • Partners with African Writers Development Trust to conduct a Writing Residency called PenPen Africa.
  • Starts a personalized 5-Module Writing Course, “Write Your Passion” and graduates the first class of 10.
  • Collaborates with Strathmore Business School to Celebrate 5 Years of Hope.
  • Invites more Writers and more Partnerships to the Journey of Hope.


  • Launches the Write Ignition Program to provide budding writers with a structured avenue of growth 
  • Collaborates with Capital Centre Mall, Village Market Mall and KICC to conduct Book Exhibitions 
  • Launches Teens Write, a program to mentor and grow teenage writers. 3 More teens are published. 
  • 11 More books are published and the reach gets wider and wider. 


  • Launches All African Bookshop Limited as a subsidiary to market and distribute good African books 
  • Partners with Naivas and Standard Media increase the reach of good local books. 
  • Starts distribution of books through Naivas Stores. 
  • The Writers Centre, Nairobi moves to Hazina Towers, Utalii Lane, in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi 


Be part of our journey 

Don’t Take Our Word for it…

“You love writing but you think you’re not good enough? The solution is joining Writers Guild Kenya. Homely and the only place you need to be to unlock your writing dreams and the full potential of your pen. I’ve never seen passion and zeal so strong. Love is so immense and real. A destiny connector and a door opener to a future so bright. A home to future bestsellers.”

Elizabeth Opiyo, Digital Strategist.

“I walked into a Writers Guild event at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi on the 27th of August 2017, I was met with a smile and told to welcome home. That smile and home has held my hand as a writer and helped me grow, I have since published two children’s storybooks, thanks to the love and support accorded to me. Writers Guild Kenya not only builds you as a writer but helps you grow as a person, the supportive community that comes together to hold each other’s hands is something out of the ordinary in the world we live in today, and that is the power of Writers Guild Kenya. God bless this home!”

Sahara Abdi, Author and Storyteller

“The place of excellent service, creative writers and interesting literature.”

Dismas Okombo, Copywriter and Social Media Marketer. 

“Writers Guild is the go-to place for anyone that has been procrastinating on their goal of publishing their thoughts and experiences in a book.”

James Juma, Professional hockey player. 

Connect with us: 

The Writers Centre, Nairobi.
Hazina Towers, Utalii Lane Nairobi 
Ground Floor, Suite 2A
P.O. Box 28078-00100, Nairobi.
Phone: +254 751562750/+254748055879
Email: write@writersguild.co.ke / bookshop@writersguild.co.ke