About Us

Who is Writers Guild Kenya?

We are an award-winning writers’ organization, committed to serve, educate and grow authors aspiring to use their writing & reading as a tool to be and do good.

Through various education and empowering programs, we work unconditionally towards truly growing writers and encouraging reading in our families. Using personalized, friendly and custom-designed models, our organization provides a single platform for true growth in love, service and personal development for the good of all.

If you are interested in love, service and writing, then you are one of us.

Brief History:

By God’s inspiration, Writers Guild Kenya was founded as a Students’ Club on 16th June, 2014 in Kenyatta University by ‘the Father of Writers’ – Gabriel Dinda. In his quest to grow in writing (his passion), he was met with challenges and hence decided to solve them sustainably by creating a family of Writers. By then it was called ‘Writers Guild’ until March 2015 when it was formally registered as an Incubation Centre and Publisher in Kenya under the name Writers Guild-Kenya (WGK). Since then, WGK has acted as a home of writers bonded with the love of a family and the goal of uniting a people. The family aims for one thing; to grow writing and encourage reading in a bid to serve God and humanity.

Our Guiding Values

  • Love and Service to God and Humanity
  • True Friendships and Family with all we deal with.
  • True Growth to all we influence.
  • “Let’s keep trying”

Key Milestones:


  • Writers Guild is registered as a club in Kenyatta University.
  • WGK publishes two issues of All Senses Magazine (meant to create a platform for writers).
  •  WGK founds The Campanile Magazine (a Publication of Kenyatta University Students Council) and publishes Career Focus Magazine on behalf of Kenyatta University Career Office.
  • WGK wins the award for ‘Most Promising Entrepreneurial Venture’ by Africa Liberty Organization for Africa (Uganda).
  •  WGK Collaborates with VibeCampo and starts a Writers Club in Eldoret (based in Moi University).
  • Registers 72 Writers to its incubation Centre.


  •  Moves offices to Nairobi town, I & M Building, for easy access.
  • Publishes ‘Through the Journey of Hope’, a poetry anthology by WGK.
  • Initiates and organizes 37 editions of Writers Ekklesia, a weekly writers’ meeting.
  •  Recruits 402 Writers to the Incubation Centre.
  •  Offers content services to Strathmore University, Kenyatta University, ACCA, Kenya.
  • Employs 18 Writers on different projects.


  • Moves offices to Nairobi town, I & M Building, for easy access.
  • Publishes ‘Through the Journey of Hope’, a poetry anthology by WGK.
  • Initiates and organizes 37 editions of Writers Ekklesia, a weekly writers’ Open Access Session.
  • Recruits 402 Writers to the Incubation Centre.
  • Offers content services to Strathmore University, Kenyatta University and ACCA Kenya.
  • Creates employment for a total of 18 Writers on different projects.


  • Partners with National Museums of Kenya to encourage writing and reading with a view to preserving Kenya’s heritage.
  • Partners with John Kaheni Residence(our training Centre).
  • Organizes 44 Writers Ekklesia sessions and four Writers Workshops.
  • Starts a self-publishing unit and publishes 5 books by our authors (products of the Incubation Centre).
  • Creates employment for 33 Writers on different projects.
  • Streamlines communications with Writers across Kenya hence becomes more visible.
  • Hits 15,000 following mark in Social Media


  • Partners with the Kenya National Library Services for more book events.
  • Publishes 8 more books by home-grown first time authors.
  • Hits 20,000 following (readership on Social Media)
  • Celebrates 4 years of hope.
  • Joins Kenya Publishers Association as a Member.


  • Publishes 19 more books under the publishing unit
  • Partners with Your2read.com to start a writing competition for short stories
  • Partners with African Writers Development Trust to conduct a Writing Residency called PenPen Africa.
  • Starts a personalized 5-Module Writing Course, “Write Your Passion” and graduates the first class of 10.
  • Collaborates with Strathmore Business School to Celebrate 5 years of Hope.
  • Invites more Writers and more Partnerships to the Journey of Hope.


Be part of the journey

Q3. How can we help you grow?

  1. Guidance, Mentorship, and Companionship– We are a family, literally. And this will just take you to attend one of our session to agree. Through this, we foster freedom, responsibility and love in our writers.
  2. Peer Review, Encouragement & Exchange of ideas- A peer review process is a structured avenue where ‘senior’ writers guide others through the writing journey, and together writers hold each other’s hands to ensure continuity, growth, and exchange of ideas.
  3. Opportunities, Sharing and Networking- Through our activities, Partnerships, and the engagements that we take part in, being part of us gives you more opportunities to explore than those which you can create on your own.
  4. The Person you are- Before you are a writer, you are a human being. All our programs are sensitive to your intrinsic needs. Hence, be sure to be treated with the dignity you deserve.
  5. Practical solutions to Publishing– For some, self-publishing is the best avenue. For others, it is the traditional publishing that they need. For all, we guide them appropriately and ensure that we achieve our goals.
  6. True service to humanity– We encourage our writers to be problem solvers and not mere writers. Therefore, we support those who take the initiative to go beyond the keyboard. All our programs are designed to make you a better person.

In a nutshell, all we do revolves around the following;

  • Love and service to God-When all is said and done, we all have that desire for God that only Him can satisfy. We attempt to help you get closer to where you belong.
  • Love and service of other people– At the end of it all, it means everything when it serves the common good. Because it is good for us, then it is good for me and not the other way around.
  • True growth to the person– We direct your desire to be a better person and to truly grow in your technical skills, professional skills and interpersonal skills through our Growth Platforms.