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Because of you, we are able to serve, grow and mentor writers and readers to do good. Here are a number of ways through which you can keep this journey going by your generous support.

You can donate by Cheques payable to “The Writers Guild-Kenya” and sent to: The Writers Centre, Nairobi.


Other methods you can use include:


-Kindly contact please contact us if you prefer to schedule monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

-Your donations will be used for specific projects or for general purpose as you have indicated.

-Should you have any questions on this, kindly contact us through: +254751562750 or


Thank you very much for holding our hands.


Writers Guild- Kenya Bank Accounts.


Payment Methods:


A/C Name: The Writers Guild Kenya

A/C Number; 1170473326

Kenya Commercial Bank (Kipande Road)




Mpesa Paybill:


A/ C No: 226315

A/C Name: Donation (Your Name) i.e Donation Victor.


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