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Benefits of Being Our Member

Professional Development:

  • Discounted Workshops & Courses: We offer exclusive discounts on workshops, online courses, and training programs related to writing, editing, publishing, and specific genres popular in Kenya.
  • Mentorship Program: We connect aspiring writers with established authors or editors for personalized guidance and career advice.
  • Peer Review & Critique Groups: We facilitate critique groups or online forums where members can share their work and receive constructive feedback from peers in a supportive environment.
  • E-learning Platform: We are developing an e-learning platform with exclusive content like video tutorials, writing prompts, and downloadable resources relevant to Kenyan writers.

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Exposure & Networking:

  • Member Directory: Through our Member Portal, we showcase member profiles, expertise, and genres, hence facilitating collaboration and networking opportunities within the Kenyan writing community.
  • Networking Events: We organize online or in-person networking events (regional chapters) for members to connect, share experiences, and build relationships with other writers, editors, and industry professionals.
  • Publishing & Pitching Opportunities: We partner with Kenyan publishers or literary magazines to offer members exclusive submission opportunities or contests with valuable prizes or publication chances.
  • Member Book Showcase: We showcase published works by our members (through our online and physical channels) thereby offering them additional exposure and promoting their books.

Financial & Promotional Support:

  • Discounted Book Printing & Publishing: We partner with printing companies or self-publishing platforms to offer members exclusive discounts on book printing and publishing services.
  • Grant Opportunities: We partner with sponsors or donors to offer small grants or financial assistance to support members working on specific writing projects or attending relevant conferences/workshops.
  • Member Book Promotion: We utilize the Guild’s website and social media channels to promote member books, including book launches, reviews, and interviews.
  • WGK Bookshop Discount: We offer members a special discount on all purchases at the Writers Guild Bookshop, supporting both the Guild and Kenyan authors.

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Community & Recognition:

  • Member Spotlight: We feature a member each month, highlighting their writing journey, achievements, and upcoming projects, fostering community spirit and recognition within the Guild.
  • Literary Awards: We organize occasional writing contests for members, awarding prizes and recognition for outstanding works in different categories relevant to Kenyan literature.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: We offer members opportunities to volunteer with the Guild in various capacities, fostering a sense of community ownership and engagement.
  • Writers’ Retreats: We organize occasional writers’ retreats, providing members with dedicated time and space to focus on their writing amidst a supportive community.

Find your place at Writers Guild Kenya!

We offer seven membership categories to meet your needs at any stage of your writing journey:

Affiliate Beginner

KSh 2000 Annually
  • New to writing? This entry-level program provides a supportive foundation to build your skills.

Intermediate Affiliate

KSh 3000 Annually
  • Looking to refine your craft? This program offers resources and guidance to help you advance.

Associate Member

KSh 3000 Annually
  • Industry professional (writing/reading) with limited benefits (compared to full members).

Author Member

KSh 3000 Annually
  • Established author? This program offers professional development, networking, and advocacy to support your success.

Corporate Member

KSh 10000 Annually
  • Bookshops, book clubs, libraries, literary organizations, and others supporting writers and readers can join for resources, capacity building and collaboration.

Global Member

USD 100 Annually
  • Residents outside of Kenya or non-Kenyan citizen(s)

Tunza Member

No Fee

  • A mentor willing to hold other’s hands or support the activities of Writers Guild-Kenya.

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