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What is WGK Authors’ Club?


This is a group of authors who have come together under Writers Guild-Kenya to help each other promote, sell their books and synergize to generally create a vibrant reading culture in Kenya.


Benefits of joining WGK Authors’ Club


  • Introduces you to a vibrant network of authors helping each sell their books through peer reviews and peer engagement.
  • Gives you the opportunity and means to take part in avenues to sell your book (s) e.g. WGK Book Tour, Partner events, International Bookfairs, County events, social media, etc.
  • Gives you avenues for continuous engagement on your book(s) e.g. Book reviews, media reviews, book discussions, reading sessions, etc.
  • Enables you to be part of an online platform/e-commerce where the details of the book(s) can be found and sold.
  • Enables you to enjoy the professional advertising, marketing, and distribution services for your book(s) hence giving you the space to write more.
  • Enables you to engage in training for authors on areas relating to professional development e.g. branding, use of social media, etc.
  • Gives you the chance to have a professional comprehensive evaluation of your book(s) in terms of quality, marketability, presentability, and relevance of content. A comprehensive report is given thereafter which will help you improve your book(s).




Fill out your details to receive a brochure containing all the details about the program.



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