Business Writing for Smart Professionals

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Business Writing is about any other kind of writing people do at work except journalism and creative writing. It includes reports, emails, proposals, white papers, minutes, business cases, letters, copywriting, rapporteuring, bids and tenders and anything in between.

In this comprehensive Business Writing Program, you will learn how to:

  • Learn the optimal business writing process, so you can confidently write any document at work.
  • Write with purpose, so there is no doubt what the reader’s next action should be.
  • Spend on average 40% less time on each documents you write.
  • Write more efficiently and effectively and with simplicity and clarity
  • Plan, draft, and edit important documents including memos, business letters, reports, and emails.
  • You will be able to influence others to take action without need for further instructions.
  • Quickly generate and present ideas in a clear manner.
  • Vary your writing style depending on the nature of the communication to be made.
  • Express complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way and professionally disagree and persuade through the written word.

Course overview

The simple truth is that most business people struggle to convey their ideas through written text effectively. This course will help you or your team to develop professional communication skills and write with clarity.
Business writing is one of the most important skills for personal and organizational success. The secret to being a great professional writer is the ability to refine complex ideas and express them concisely.
The good news is that this is exactly what you will learn in this course. This course will help smart, technical, analytical professionals who must communicate and synthesize complex information.



  1. An Introduction and Self-Assessment

In this Module, you will learn:

  • Grammar Rules
  • Tone and Style of Business Writing
  • Clarity and Word Choice
  • Writing Styles and Structure
  • Tools to help in Effective Business Writing


  1. 5- Steps to Effective Business Writing

In this module you will learn:

  • The Little details we always ignore
  • The Big Shift (5 Steps to change adapt)
  • The Bigger Picture of Effective Communication
  • The Context of Writing in Africa


  1. Effective Documents’ Organization and Tools to Enhance Efficiency
  • In this module, we share the best tips for organizing and presenting information. Clear writing ensures your reader understands your main points. You will also learn how to format documents depending on their purpose. A clear format will guarantee your work looks complete, professional, and engaging to your reader.
  • Internal and External Documents

Learn best practices when writing to external stakeholders. A writing mistake to a team member may be overlooked, but you can be sure it will be noticed by a new customer, supplier, or regulator. It is crucial you can communicate professionally with external stakeholders.

  • Structure and Strategy for Report Writing

Report writing can be a daunting task if you do not have a strategy. We will provide you with an overview of the components for a report and teach you to write more clearly. You will learn how to drastically improve your report effectiveness by learning how to write a comprehensive executive summary.

  • Editing Business Documents

In this Module, you will learn about:

  • Editing techniques to help navigate business documents


  1. Corporate Blogging and Blogs
  • In this module, you will learn about:
  • The Rise of Content Creation for Corporate Purposes
  • Sharpening your skills and enhancing your professional standing by blogging.


(ii) Email Use and Structure

-Email now accounts for over 30% of our time in the workplace. In this module, we show you how to save time and better manage high email volume. Learn how to structure and write grammatically correct emails that get results, avoid the common mistakes people make and enhancing your persuasion and emails.

  1. Social Media, Business Writing and Your Brand

(i) In this module, you will learn about:

  • LinkedIn as a Launchpad for Business Writing,
  • Optimal use of Social Media Platforms
  • Writing as a Tool for Personal Branding (The Boundary between you and the company)
  • Proposal and Report Writing

This course will teach you the most efficient process to plan and organize a business proposal. It also explains how to hone language and tone to make your service, product, or solution more compelling to the client and effectively write compelling reports.


This is a practical Program. During the Program, you will plan and write an actual work item taught with instructor review and guidance at every step.

This course is a great fit for you or your organization if:

  • You’re in charge of a group or division in your company and looking to improve your team’s communication and professionalism.
  • You’re an individual looking to improve your skills to get a raise, become more effective in your communication, or become more qualified for a new job.
  • You’ve recently moved to a role where you need to write more business or analytical documents and reports.
  • You want to become better in business writing but you don’t know strategies specific to your blind spots.

This course is probably not for someone just looking for grammar or language tips or someone looking to sharpen their craft of creative writing.

Why Writers Guild Kenya?

  • Insights from Inspiring and experienced trainers
  • Energetic and vibrant participants hence effective networks and rewarding group works.
  • Together, we co-create learning experiences that deliver real impact to you.
  • Tailored experiences targeting your unique needs regarding business writing.
  • Contextualized, digital learning based on best practices
  • Access to a global community of writers and mentors

Program Intakes: March, May, July & October


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