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  • August 2, 2020
  • Sunday, 9PM to 9PM

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Sunday, 9PM to 9PM
August 2, 2020



Sunday, 9PM to 9PM
August 2, 2020








This week on Ekklesia , we are Hosting Brian Nyagol

Mr Nyagol is an Electrical Engineer by profession and Software Engineer by passion and practice. He spends the day building Davis & Shirtliff’s IoT & Digital Manufacturing Solutions, and early mornings and evenings running Brainverse Technologies ( www.brainverse.co ), a 5-year-old IT firm, leading a team of 17 young individuals building products and services that help businesses grow their digital footprint and build internal operational strength through apps, websites, systems, and business branding services.

Brian also leads Startup Suite ( www.startupsuite.app ) an innovative product from Brainverse helping startups transition smoothly from office teams to remote work from home teams, by digitizing their business processes from staff management, customer management and projects and operations management.

Link to the Meeting https://meet.google.com/bep-qjve-fep

Date 25/07/2020

Time 3pm-5pm

Venue : Google Meet

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