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How To Join the Writers Guild

The admission process is divided into three phases:
• Application (Online Form)- The Writer shows interest and fills the form in the appropriate category.
• Fitness Test- The prospective writer takes a Quick fitness test. The Writer is then Waitlisted, to be contacted during the next admission.

The Fitness test will be done with a view to informing the writer about:

  •  What Writers Guild Kenya does.
  •  The values, vision, aims, and culture of Writers Guild Kenya
  •  Their responsibilities as a writer.
  • What to expect as a member of Writers Guild Kenya.
  • Operations/activities/events within Writers Guild Kenya.
  • The journey of hope.
  • Service to God and humanity.

 Admission- The Writer is admitted and oriented into the family.

  • The intakes are only open in January-February, June-July.
  • Once a Writer has filled the form, they are required to attend our events and activities and read/research about us, to have a glimpse of what to expect once their application is validated.

Categories of Membership

1. Beginner(KSh.1500/USD15)


This is a writer who;

  • Has passion in writing but hasn’t started out yet.
  •  Has no blog/vlog, or published works.
  • Is yet to identify his/her area(s) of interest.
  • Has not published a book.
  • Is generally interested in writing but requires close guidance.

2. Intermediate(Ksh.3000/USD 30)

  • Has a blog (or outlet channel) and needs improvement.
  • Has published a book but may not be of good quality.
  • Has done a course on writing but has not actively been writing.
  • Has an area of specification but does not know much in the area.
  •  Has actually started writing, but would wish to have more guidance.

2. Mentor/Pro(Ksh.3000/USD 30)

(Ksh.3000/USD 30)

  •  Has published books of good quality.
  •  Has won awards.
  •  Has a blog with more than one thousand viewers monthly.
  • Done or practiced writing in media or publishing.
  • Is interested in improving their networks and growing further.


During the intake, a new writer will be assigned a mentor writer who will guide them through the journey of writing.
New members will be recognized and announced officially during their first Ekklesia at their respective chapters.

Each new member is entitled to a writers card.

Make the move now: Fill this form and we shall reach out

A Writers Guild Kenya member will always remain a member for a period of four years.
By the end of this period, a writer must have reached an expertise level and gotten published (if this was their goal).
At the time of exit, the writer will join an alumni Family. This kind of members will always be in the heart of Writers Guild Kenya. They will always be considered to link writers/Writers Guild Kenya to available writing opportunities.
Members will be graduating to the next category as soon as they are approved by mentors. However, this may not affect expert members to join the Alumni group before completion of the four years.

The Annual Registration Fees are as follows:

Intermediate-Ksh. 3000
Expert/Pro- Ksh. 3000

Lifetime Membership-Ksh.10,000

NB: Each Writer is entitled to a Writers Card.

Exit Plan/Money Payable

Is Writers Guild the Right Choice for You?

YES, if you are…

  1. Interested in growing in your writing.
  2.  Interested in meeting and interacting with other writers.
  3. At the nascent stage in your writing and you would like someone to hold your hand.
  4. In need of a family to grow with, even in other aspects of life.

Reach Out Today

Reach out today
Paullete Odhiambo
The Writers Centre, Nairobi.

Payment Details

A/C Name: The Writers Guild Kenya
A/C No. 1170473326
Kenya Commercial Bank (Kipande Road)
MPESA Till No. 596453 – Mpesa – Payment Services – Lipa na Mpesa – Buy Goods and Services – Till No.(596453) – PIN(Yours) – OK.