Writers Guild Kenya Growth Cycle

What is Writers Guild Kenya?

Writers Guild Kenya is an association of writers dedicated to encouraging and guiding people to write and publish unique stories with a view to serving God and humanity through the pen.


To be an ideal home of writers where growth is valued by service to others, and impact in contributing to the well-being of humanity.


To grow an all-round writer, sensitive to the needs of humanity and geared towards the advancement of the well-being of others.

Values of Writers Guild- Kenya 

  • Service to God and humanity

Through all we do, our wish is to get closer to God and make others better.

  • Family and friendship

Before anything else, we are friends and family

  • Trial and error

Ours is to try our best within our limitations.

  • Personalized attention

We value you as a person

  • Lifelong learning

We develop programs and partnerships that advance our knowledge and skills at all levels. The key to this is reading and writing culture in ALL WE DO

  • Ethical practice

We honor the beliefs, morals and values of the writing profession and help others do the same.

The Admission Process 

Requirements to belong 

(i) Strong desire to write

(ii)Willingness to commit to learn 

(iii)Attitude of service; must be ready to help others grow. 

Categories of Writing offered 

  1. Fiction 
  2. Non-fiction 
  3. Poetry 
  4. Online content creation. 

Writers Guild-Kenya grows writers of all ages.

Steps to admission 

Members Growth Cycle. 


  • Read a good book for at least 30 Minutes. 
  • Write at least 500 words (or in accordance with your daily target)
  • Read Material by Member of WGK and share feedback with the member. 
  • Share a growth opportunity with other members on writing/reading or related areas. 


  • Attend Ekklesia(equivalent) or any event organized by WGK
  • Reach out to Mentor/Mentee/Growth Partner
  • Check WGK Noticeboard for Updates


  • Review the book read
  • Attend a Bookclub discussion. 
  • Take Part in Partner Event
  • Apply for a Writing Opportunity (Retreat, workshop etc.). 
  • Visit WGK Bookshop


  • Take part in Reading/Writing Drive to share the knowledge with others
  • Organize a Reading Patron session. 
  • Engage in a non-writing/reading charity event. 


  • Publish a book (or equivalent according to the target). 
  • Take part in the Programs offered by WGK. 
  • Attend a writers retreat/residency

The curve is evaluated yearly before a renewal request is granted.

General benefits of being a Member of WGK 

  1. Exposure to a million and one opportunities for growth 
  2. A special discount on every purchase of books at WGK Bookshop. 
  3. Peer review of your work. 
  4. Professional guidance on your writing. 
  5. Select discount on Writers Guild Kenya Programs. 
  6. A chance to network globally with writers and other stakeholders 
  7. Keeping you informed on information relevant to you 
  8. Dedicated support in your writing journey 

Specific Ways to Join Us

At Writers Guild, we currently offer four programs, meaning regardless of the stage you’re in as a writer, we got you covered.

You can join as a:

Which Program Should You Choose?

Good question! Each of these programs come with different benefits, which are crafted for different growth level writers. Explore more below and then fill out this form for consideration.

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