Be Part of Us

How do I join Writers Guild Kenya?

You have a chance to be part of this lovely family under the following categories.

(a) Incubate Member-

You become an incubate of Writers Guild Kenya after attending and graduating from one of the Professional Courses it offers i.e Write Your Passion Course. Our students do not become alumni after graduating, they are forever close to us, hence members.


(b) Affiliate Member-

You get to be an affiliate members by choosing to be part of the family for a period of a year signified by annual membership. An affiliate member can join in different categories i.e


        (i) Beginner

This is a writer who;

1. Has passion in writing but hasn’t started out yet.

2.Has no blog/vlog, or  published works.

3.Is yet to identify his/her area(s) of interest.

4.Has not published a book.

5.Is generally interested in writing but requires close guidance. The cost of membership is Ksh.1,500 annually.

        (ii) Intermediate

This is a writer who;

1. Has a blog (or outlet channel) and needs improvement.

2. Has published a book but may not be of good quality.

3.Has done a course on writing but has not actively been writing.

4. Has an area of specification but does not know much in the area.

5. Has actually started writing, but would wish to have more guidance. The cost of  membership is Ksh. 3,000.


All the writers under this category are referred to as Affiliate Member of Writers Guild Kenya and may decide to renew registration annually or consider Lifetime membership.


(c) Tunza Member

Tunza is a Kiswahili word meaning to nurture. This is the membership category formerly known as Mentor/Consultant. A Tunza member is a mentor to others or supports the activities of Writers Guild Kenya in one way of another. They could be professionals who have the spirit of Writers Guild Kenya at heart and would love to nurture it further. Membership in this category is by recommendation only.


(d) Corporate Insider-

These are entities run by either Members of Writers Guild Kenya or persons who draw inspiration from the spirit of Writers Guild Kenya. They include Writing Chapters run individually in different locations but which together draw strength from the spirit of Writers Guild Kenya. The organizations are independently run by their respective vision bearers. Membership in this category is by approval by the Trustees

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