Writers Guild-Kenya Literary Award 2021

Apply by 2nd December, 2021

This is a unique award designed to recognize and celebrate published authors who make considerable impact through their work in East Africa.

The inaugural edition of the bi-annual is now receiving submissions for the award ceremony scheduled for early 2022.

The Writers Guild-Kenya Literary Awards recognizes and promotes quality writing and excellent storytelling through books in East Africa.

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Summary of Steps to participate:

1. Explore the different categories available and requirements to participate.
2. Fill in the details to register.
3. Submit your book.
4. Make Submission payment
5. Send two copies of the book entered for the award to Writers Guild-Kenya.

Any questions regarding the awards can be channeled through; +254748055879 or write@writersguild.co.ke

Award Categories

WGK-LA has the following categories for consideration

1. Writers Guild-Kenya Impact Literature Award

In this category, a book that has had a considerable practical impact in addressing a pressing need in society. The need is not limited to economic, social or political. Through the book, there must have been a considerable impact and quantifiable improvement in the area addressed in the book.

2. Writers Guild-Kenya Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes an author whose book has caused a ripple effect in the area addressed. The book must have stood the test of time and created a considerable impact across generations. The book must be able to be dynamic and flexible in issues addressed across generations.

3. Writers Guild-Kenya Chipukizi Award

This award recognizes a first-time author whose book is greatly promising in the area it addresses. The book must be able to immediately excite the audience through the uniqueness brought out and the depth captured in the book.

4. Writers Guild-Kenya Indigenous Award

The entry under this category must have been written in one of the indigenous languages in East Africa or must be written in any other language but addresses the issues of an indigenous community. The book must specifically seek to preserve the unique culture and tradition of the indigenous community that it tackles. In addition, the book should be able to link the traditional practices to the dynamism in the contemporary society

5. Writers Guild-Kenya Kiswahili Award

The entry under this category must be written in Kiswahili. The book must be able to provoke action in the area it addresses and should promote the appreciation of the Kiswahili language as a medium of authentic connection between readers and the author

How to Apply

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