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Editors are the links between the writers and the readers. They are the gatekeepers who keep the integrity of the author, the book and the reader in check.

To do this, they’ve got to understand the context in which they work and consider all the parties. This is what the course aims to strengthen one with.

About this Program

This course is right for you if: 

  • You want to start a Professional Career in Editing 
  • You are a professional Editor seeking to polish your skills hence improve the work and output 
  • A writer seeking to understand the editing process to help them write better. 
  • A general professional seeking to understand the Editing process. 

N/B: The course is ideal for both book editors and magazine/newspaper editors.

Course Contents

Week 1: Introduction to Editing.  

    • What does an Editor do? And Why?
    • The Role, the Need and the Function 
    • Profession Vs. Passion?
    • Editor’s Coat-What it takes. 
    • Understanding the Different Stakeholders involved (Authors, Designers, Management etc.) 
    • Developing Self-Editing Culture. 
    • Virtue in Editing; for the Greater good
    • The Business Side of Editing  
    • Practical Session I

Week 2: The Editor, Work and You  

    • Contracts and Legal Implications of Editing
    • Language Competence and Rules of Grammar 
    • Of Editing Timelines and Deadlines. 
    • Book Editor Vs. Magazine/Newspaper Editor 
    • The Right Words for the Reader
    • Practical Session II

Week 3: Right into It 

    • Collaborations and Co-Editing 
    • Editor Vs. Writer Relationship 
    • Understanding the reader
    • Unrelated Skills appropriate for editing
    • Cost Vs. Editing (The Money Factor)  
    • Guiding the Illustrators and Designers 
    • Practical Session III

Week 4: The Process

    • The Process of Editing 
    • Knowing the Reader, Engaging the author about readers,
    • Types of Editing (Line Editing, Structural Editing, Comprehensive Editing etc.) 
    • Getting the Best of Words (Building Punchy sentences, using concrete words and enhancing readability)
    • Relationship between Editing and Proofreading
    • Practical Session IV

Week 5: Editing for Details 

    • Best Practices of Editing 
    • Practical experiences in other contexts. 
    • Case Studies. 
    • Sourcing for Good Manuscripts; Eye for Great Talent
    • Editing for Details 
    • More things to watch
    • Practical Session V 

Week 6:  Today, Tomorrow, the Editor

    • Editing AIDs (Editing Softwares, Tools etc)
    • Evaluating well-done editing work.
    • Preparing Edited work for Printing (Choosing a Printer, Binding, Print Quality,   
    • Editing and Marketing Dynamics (Promotion and Presentations of the work)
    • Dynamics and Future of Editing
    •  Continuous Learning for Editors
    • Practical VI

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Why Writers Guild?

Whether you want to experiment with writing for yourself or you’d wish to
publish professionally, we have worked with writers from both extremes and we
have carefully packed this course to suit your needs.

More reasons to choose us:

  • We have different genres. Be sure to find one which suits you.
  • We have been in this journey of mentoring writers for over five years and we have sampled material that is relevant and timely.
  • Our tutors are understanding to a fault. They have been our mentors and
    held our hands for the five years.
  • Other than the physical classes, we provide hand-outs and sample writings
    for further study and practice.
  • We provide a file with all the materials you’ll need for the whole course.
  • Our classes have been scheduled to accommodate everyone.
  • Other than physical classes, you can register and get the classes online.

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