15-Step Guide to Writing an Article that Gets Read (Infographic)

Why learn how to write an article?

The demand for articles has never been higher. The internet is replacing print media and has created an insatiable appetite for them.

Netcraft, a site that researches and analyzes the internet, puts the current number of active websites at close to 2 billion.

As many as 2.3 million new websites join the internet every day. Many have several pages that need fresh articles on a regular basis.

There is one problem, however.

In a world where everyone is a publisher, competition for readers’ attention is high. You need more than just a keyboard to stand above the crowd. You need to learn how to write an article or blog post that gets noticed, engages readers and inspires them.

Below is a pictorial overview on how to Write an Article: Step by Step

How to write an article
Courtesy of: The Copy Wiz

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