300 of 100 Project


A Writers Guild-Kenya Documentation Project

What is this?

A project to get 100 people to share their intimate experiences with Writers Guild Kenya for the past 6 years in just 300 words.

Why should this matter to me?

Time flies. Just 6 years ago, we started the journey of hope. Very soon, we will be 100 years into it. The writers at the time will miss the story of our beginning. We can save them this trouble by sharing our experiences and getting them published in a book.

How will this happen?

Easy. Just write your intimate honest experience and send it to write@writersguild.co.ke by 30th April 2020. This is not a marketing testimonial but an honest account. Did you learn something which changed your perspective? Did you meet someone who introduced you to a whole new world? Share those stories that no one else has probably heard of. Be honest to yourself and in your experience, and by extension, to us. Put it in just 300 words since we would wish to hear from 100 people.

What else do we need from you?

Just your phone number, email and a recent beautiful picture of you and your title (how you would wish to be referred to in the book).

What if I have a question or a concern about this?

Perfect. Ask Munira Hussein through hmunira4@gmail.com .

Is that all?

Yes. That’s all.

Asante. Thank you.

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