BY SUSAN  WAWIRA                

God created with a purpose. He created us uniquely and intellectually. I feel mine has much to do with writing.

Talent is Godly. In fact it can’t be copied. Mostly, we inherit this magnificent potential from our parents and the generation tree. That is why you find a dad is a musician and so is their son or his daughter.

Well, my journey as a writer has been faced by numerous challenges. I went through hard moments ranging from lack of exposure, finance and even mockery. Actually some thought I was mad, or close to it. Luckily, God has been with me all through.

Self doubt was one of my biggest challenges. I felt I was doing totally nothing since I had no one to cheer me on. The fact that I didn’t have a cent to publish didn’t help my situation. I was awkward because I felt it was just a humble village girl. Moreover, I did not even know how and where to get a publisher.

But wait, I could not give up because deep within me, I felt I had a massive mandate to reach out to the youth and counsel them through words. Only a pen and a paper could do this. My dire urge to speak my feelings out could not just come to an end because of the words of my critics. No, I had to go on and I did exactly that.

Trust me, never let the light in you be blown out by the winds of uncertainty, rumours nor anything else because it is only you who knows its value. Chase your dream. Don’t rest or relent until you get what you want. Though my first script faced rejection from my editor, I did not give up. Instead I polished it to meet the publishing standards. Out of patience, determination and prayers, I now have four wonderful novels, two children’s books and a series of articles .In 2005, I managed to sell a short story to Buzz and a Feature to the Times. I was happy to see my work in print media, it was an incredible feeling.

I was first introduced to the Writers Guild Kenya from my friend Charles Gichuki, a motivational speaker. He introduced me to Kinyanjui  Kombani who then introduced me to Mr. Gabriel and the Writes Guild Kenya. They are  a strong pillar to the budding writers who need a helping hand.

May God be the sole supporter for the Writers Guild family to remain strong forever.



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