By Ladan Muthengi

During these troubled times of pandemics and sequestration, life has turned upside down for some. Jobs have been lost, businesses closed, assets sold off, accounts depleted, relationships tested. Our world is caving in around us and it seems like all is lost. But despite all the negativity around us, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be swallowed up by the gloom and hopelessness. For all is not lost. The truly important things in our lives are still with us. Hey, we can still smile, laugh, love, feel, see, smell, hear, taste, think, know… We are still alive and we have one another. And best of all, the currency of transacting with one another is still with us-Words. Through words we can express our hopes, happiness, joy, faith, plans, fears and aspirations. We can empathise; share in one another’s grieving, express our solidarity, etc. Through words we can recreate our world and we can find ourselves again. Therefore, let us use words meaningfully, positively and powerfully. For words are verbal embodiments of power. Speak well of others and of yourself. Words are alive. Words grow. And once they grow, they can either lift us up or smother us. Speak progress, speak light, and speak life. Plant seeds of positivity and reap fruits of productivity.

For all it takes is a word to:

To comfort a wounded soul
To heal a broken heart
To touch a hurting life
To restore hope to the hopeless
To motivate the discouraged
To encourage the despairing
To inspire the indifferent
To uplift the downtrodden
To unite the divided
To cure the afflicted
To galvanize the oppressed
To stir the depressed
To rouse the apathetic
To impel the laggard
To animate the impassive
To strengthen the weak.
To console the grieving.
To excite the sorrowful.


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