By Mary Nyanduko

When you embrace the filth in your life, it will stay. When you sweep it away, it will go. When you clean the recesses of your mind, they will shine. And when you embrace fear, it will Clasp-It will burden you with a small mind and clenched fists.

A timid approach.

A skewed approach.

Resist the fear.


When you allow the Mindset of  the King/Queen to visit you, it will. When you believe in the power and ability within to awaken, you will.

Slap yourself awake!


Release your wish to the Universe, tend to your garden, water your plants, till your side of the land.

Must we tire?

Be humble to enough to know, that you are not the master of the soil.

The plants will grow, if they want to. If they don’t, the seed of Creativity still lies within you.

Must we kill ourselevusii?


You will dream again.

So, go.

Ride the Waves. Take the Beating. Bear the shame


Climb the wall, Jump the fence, Start again.


Be a champion; At least Play. Why so serious?

The only way to know a road is to take it.

Let’s walk, and if we don’t find ourselves where we wanted, at least we moved.



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