Benefits of Being an Affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya

What Does Affiliate Writer get?

This is the basic level engagement with Writers Guild Kenya. An affiliate to Writers Guild Kenya is entitled to an Affiliation card which is given after the completion of registration process. Upon completion of the process, one is formally referred to as an Affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya


Your Headache(s) Vs. Our Smiling Solution(s)

Your Problem-[Lack of Exposure]

Our Smiling Solution for you- Exposure to all Writers Guild Kenya platforms (those that are freely accessible to affiliate partners. Writers Ekklesia, Workshops, Conferences etc.

Your Problem- .[No opportunities in Writing]

Our Smiling Solution for you– Exposure to writing or related opportunities and notices which are of interested to you-sometimes we don’t get it because we didn’t know it existed

Your Problem-[Where are the stories?]

Our Smiling Solution for youAccess to attendance of activities organized by Writers Guild Kenya and its partners-because writing can’t stand alone, we have to engage with others.

Your Problem-[Who can help me here?]

Our Smiling Solution for youAccess to network of writers, mentors and corporate partners –writing requires you to learn from as many people. We give you the chance.

Your Problem- [Where is professional guidance?]

Our Smiling Solution for you-Consultation on writing and sharing of your published articles (from your blog or publications), within the global network of writers which are affiliated to us-while others pay to consult, you have it all




Your Problem-[How do I take my work out?]

Our Smiling Solution for you-Publication of individual written articles to Writers Guild Kenya media outlets and exposure through such platforms-because you clearly need such platforms to take your work out there.

Your Problem-[I am a perfect Writer, but social misfit, how do you help me?]

Our Smiling Solution for you-Access to other activities which Writers Guild Kenya is part of to ensure growth of a complete writer and member of society-writing is not just about writing, it’s about life

Your Problem-[Who can I pass these benefits to?]

Our Smiling solution for youActing as a brand ambassador to Writers Guild Kenya-gives you a good chance to mentor others and share the cheer

Your headache-[I lack mentorship]

Our Smiling Solution for you-Provision of continuous mentorship, connections and long term relationship with Writers Guild Kenya-because we are a family, we need to keep growing together

Your Headache-[How will I get Current trends in Writing]

Our Smiling Solution for you-Provision of refresher exercises to grow and nourish one’s writing-if you missed it in school, you have it here

Your headache-.[What, how, when do I read?]

Our smiling solution for youExchange of reading materials through the Writers Guild Kenya Resource Centre (subject to the Regulations of the Library)-tell me any one who isn’t reading and I will tell you who is living no more

Your headache-[How do I get reading materials?]

Our smiling solution for youUnlimited access to Writers Guild Kenya Resource Centre and services-not many people gives you unlimited access

Your Headache-[Lack of a family]

Our smiling solution for youRecognition of an affiliate to Writers Guild Kenya which entitles you step by step guidance to be the writer you have always wished to be-you are the best, you need to associate with the best.



Your Headache-How do I earn from my Writing?

Our Smiling Solution for youOnce you have mastered your art, we list you as a consultant and start doing business with you. You write, we pay.

Your Headache-[Lack of personalized guidance]

Our smiling solution for you: With Editorial, accountability partners, using new media to share, we give you step by step guidance till you get there.




Requirements to be an affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya are:

  1. Filling of the affiliation form and submitting to Writers Guild Kenya. Here is the form:
  2. Annual Registration fee of Ksh. 1000(students) and 2500 (Non-Students) payable to Writers Guild Kenya through procedure below.

Payment Procedure

MPESA Till No.596453

Mpes-Lipa na Mpesa-Buy Good & Services-Till No.(596453)-OK

Writers Guild Kenya

The Writers Centre, Nairobi.

ICEA Building, 17th Floor


Phone number: +254707971666


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6 thoughts on “Benefits of Being an Affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya”

  1. Okoth O Charles

    It’s fun reading even what you have written above. It is novel; highly creative. It shows you are not amateurish. I believe I will register soon. I also have many suggestions I could make to you.

  2. Ambrose Githeri Njeru

    Happy to join the writers’ guild family. I hope and trust that your guidance and mentorship programmes will quench my thirst for touching other people’s lives through writing.

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