Book Review: “The High Road” by Jeannie Maria


By Rumona Apiyo.

“No one looking the innocent faces of the form two class of High Road Academy would suspect that among them was a fully-fledged party animal, with her minions in the same class. No one would guess that there was a girl who was officially someone’s babe or the first time ever in her life, scared that her new ‘cool’ clique would ever kill her if they found out. No one would ever imagined that  the sweet  baby –faced girl was, in fact, carrying a baby and contemplating an abortion; her new friend was still shaking in the utter shock that such things happened to people she could see and touch. Classes went on as usual. Assignments, quizzes, class notes and of course, punishments, were meted out” .

This is a captivating story of eight high school students who met because of fate. They had well laid out plans for their lives. However, life happened and hey found themselves in a school they had never thought of even for a second in their lives.

Jeannie Marima revolves her character around form two. Ideally, this is a stage where these young ones at the age of sixteen are faced with turmoil and are very vulnerable. Bella Tugi for instance, a very bright student is faced with the challenge of making a choice between her academics, her new fond love and her cool clique. It is when she wants to make an ungodly adventure  where the turn of events lead to the individual discovery of every student in High Road Academy.

If you are looking for a book that will remind you of the thrill that comes with high school days, I would highly recommend the High Road. This provocative read as describe by Kinyanjui Kombani covers the idealistic expectations of a high-schooler.

Apart from being a published author, Jeannie Marima is an editor who also contributes regularly to the Saturday Nation Newspaper. Her other reads include Rundo the elephant a children’s picture book. One of her stories was also featured in an anthology of short stories that was published by the world forest based in the United States of America.

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