By Sylvester H Wauye.


Come and kiss me

the way the flames of fire



in the sultry air.


Come and consume me

the way a flame

Consumes and


rustling leaves.


When you are done

I will be like

the dying embers

of a once fiery log

Lying spent

on a heap of ash.



Let my heart melt

Like molten lava

and let the hissing sounds eat thru

my flesh and bones.


Your embrace

is like that of a fire

wrapping a cooking pot

on a three legged hearth.



and caress me gently

as my insides cook slowly

before reaching boiling point.



serenade me with your love

render me aflame

leaving me feeling weakened

and wicked.


@ Sylvester h Wauye.

IMG 20200425 WA0003

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