By Faith Atieno Dinda

That sinister smile,burning in my eyes.
You look at me and am set on fire.
It’s burning in my soul like a diamond in the sky.
You found a light in me that I’d lost.
I came to realize that you could easily make me joyous even when am irritated.
I know it’s strange but that’s the truth.

Am always excited and nervous whenever your name is mentioned.
I surely can’t keep my eyes off your photos
I still enjoy the butterflies, quirky grins, satisfaction and the memories we’ve formed
You light up the darkest days of my life.
I know it’s a bit absurd but that’s what I feel.

Deep down my heart am shouting love me!

But I know I should keep this feeling silent.
Maybe there’s still another person you see and this helps keep me silent.
My hope is fading but I still find a reason to hold on.
Maybe someday, sometime something will proliferate without me saying a word.
I might be setting up myself for a catastrophe and I shouldn’t react the way I do.
I can’t help but wait until I hear from you, for I trust things will get better.

I may not be the type of person you want,
That person with the qualities, values and the personality that you seek.
But even though, the sound of your voice and the attention that you’ve always show make me weak.
My heart beats faster whenever I think about you.

I know it’s too early to confess this, so I’ll keep these feelings hidden.
I’m not of value in your life and am not sure if I will ever be.
These imperfections are what has kept me from saying anything.
Instead I continue to ponder if there will ever be a you and I.

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