By Ssesimba Mahad

The leader sat in his comfortable chair,

And imposed a curfew

It is rare for me to agree with him,

But this time, the measure is necessary.

I thought about it all night

That we might never meet again.


The roads are closed but I will walk in your dreams,

Everything looked down but not the way I feel about you.

Food is scarce but not the thoughts of our affection.

If this house was your heart, I would want to stay in even after the COVID-19 invasion.


People have lost their lives and others are struggling.

It’s unfortunate that this is what is happening

I wish we could pause our affection to pay tribute

But we are as well uncertain what tomorrow holds,

Maybe we shall stay, maybe we shall perish,

But whatever it is, it will be with our hearts.

I will love you six feet away or under


Ssesimba Mahad is a writer from Uganda

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