Deborah Moraa: The Accountant who Writes

When figures marry the words, the result is a measured level of creativity marinated with figures

Based in Mombasa, Deborah, though influenced to be an accountant, her heart is in love with the written word. She is now convinced that the two can be compatible in a marriage. And she takes that journey up. Here is the story of an accountant who writes as compiled by Wr. Verarita Nasubo.

Tell us about yourself

It is an honor to be your guest. My name is Deborah Moraa. I am an accountant by profession, a writer, and an entrepreneur.

Do you mind letting us in on each of them?

I graduated from Moi University in the year 2015; Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I’m an accountant by profession, holder of CPA. On entrepreneurship, I have a side hustle selling handbags. However, all these are crowned by the power of the pen. The power of the written word.

As an entrepreneur, what is your best marketing tip?

My best marketing tip is if you are going to sugar coat your product, do it, but do not lie. For instance, in my handbags business, most people don’t know the difference between PU leather and pure leather, so when talking to a client, I ensure not to omit the facts.

Wow! That is very impressive. What was your childhood like?

I grew up with five brothers and sisters. Growing up, I felt a little isolated and being the youngest I had to beg them to take me with them to play and in return, I did favors for them. I was the messenger whenever they needed anything from dad.

Do you have any scars? What are they from?

I have both emotional and physical scars. But as I read somewhere, scars are the only reminders of how strong we’ve been in the past. So I embrace mine and give myself a pat.

That is very true. Kindly take us back to writing; your journey and how it has been for you.

Well, where do I start? I guess from the beginning. I fell in love with writing in High school. I enjoyed Literature very much.

Did you ever consider a career in literature? Why did you go for numbers instead?

Not really, but I used to admire Legendary African Authors especially those who authored our Literature Set Books. My dad is a retired accountant, so I guess that explains why I chose it; he was my motivation. It was hard for me to see writing as a career. Upon career advice, only teaching and accounting came out as possible career choices. I didn’t like chalk. So I decided to settle for heels and numbers.

If you were to choose one love, between writing and numbers, which would it be?

 Back then, I’d still go for numbers, but right now maybe both. My thinking back then was really childish. I’ve so far realized that when you hit the real world that’s when you understand. I would love to teach some Literature, discuss some of Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s works and rest three months a year too!

What was your relation with Poetry in High school? Do you have any favorite writers?

Poetry was my favorite. I totally loved poetry!

Ngugi was my first love: my favorite of his books is “The River Between”. I love Sitawa Namwalie’s poetry too. Our very own Lukorito’s humor keeps me going back to his writing. Chimamanda (such a hard name) is a great writer too. I believe African Writers have the creativity that you can’t deny.

What is your current read and what is it about? Would you recommend it?

I am reading” “Jesus and You” by David Marshall. I absolutely recommend it especially to anyone who wants to know more about Jesus.

What is your reading habit?

I try to finish one book before starting another.

How often do you visit the library?

I guess I’m lazy. The last time I visited a library was about two years ago when I was studying for my exams.

What do you write?

I started with poetry back then. One day a friend at work suggested that I open a blog. He actually helped me out. With time I realized I enjoyed short stories too. I hope to publish them one day so I never post them on my blog. I can say I’m an all-around writer now. I speak my mind through writing. Be it a lifestyle, fashion (especially handbags), poetry or short fiction.

Where can we read your work? I also recently got a website at

What type of writer are you? Do you work with a plan or are you spontaneous?

Well, to be honest, I don’t work with a plan. However, I’m working hard to achieve it.

 What do you do to grow your writing craft? How has it improved over the years?

I read other people’s work; it motivates me and helps me to learn one or two things every time.

Other than reading, do you think there is something else one can do to become a better writer?

I think just being out there and experiencing your surroundings. Most writers get motivation from their surroundings. So don’t lock yourself up, go to that nature walk, movie, or even out with friends and in the evening you will have plenty to pen down.

How do you think Writers Guild Kenya can be of benefit to you as an affiliate?

Honestly joining WGK has been a blessing to me. I have learned that my grammar needs work and I need to go back to my High school textbooks to learn. One thing though, staying in Mombasa, I always feel I miss a lot. I would wish that as you have so many events in the capital, plan to bring even more here.

Speaking of Grammar, after how many drafts do you upload your work? Do you have somebody else go through it?

I used to do one, but lately, I try to go through it, though I might forego some mistakes at times. I don’t have someone at the moment.

What do you love most about being a writer?

What I love most is that I get to know what gift I got from God.  Some people live all their lives and never discover theirs. So I know I have a responsibility to society to entertain, educate and be the voice with my little pen.

What is the one thing you tell yourself when self-critiquing?

Sometimes I get psyched up and write something, half way through, I read it, if I feel it isn’t  good enough, I don’t post it. Most times I trash it; sometimes I keep them as drafts.

What do you do on your holidays, aside from books?

I love nature walks and photography. The sunset is my other love. Movies too do keep me busy!

Do you read Swahili?

Yes, I do, it’s just that I don’t get a hold of Swahili books as fast as I do English.

What is your million dollar advice to fellow writers?

Just do you, keep learning, and keep reading. As a writer, you will always be a learner, so be open.

Thank you so much for making time to share your thoughts with us. Be blessed and we wish you all the best as you share your gifts with the world!

Thank you so much for having me; it has been a pleasure and honor.

Wr. Debora Moraa is an Affiliate of Writers Guild Kenya specializing in Poetry and short stories Contact her through:

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