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By, Nancy Mugure.

The debates on the various social media platforms are both enlightening and informative. Some are hilarious to be honest but others, plain old reek of ignorance.

As we discuss change of regime, we should remember to keep our local MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors accountable too. We focus too much on the National Government that we forget that there are people who are actually responsible for the development of our local villages and estates, this gives them a leeway to rob us dry and nobody ever questions them…..


Before we go far, here is a question we should all ponder on;, “DO YOU KNOW YOUR MCA???


HOW IS THE MP HANDLING THE CDF, DID THE GOVERNOR KEEP THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISES?” Most of us don’t bother to ask. We don’t know how the new devolved system works.


I blame my MCA for the road to my mum’s house that has been graveled and bush cleared year in year out with no drainage provisions when clearly the BOQ to the contractor clearly states otherwise ( I can bet that money doesn’t get to the governor, or Kabura or Uhuru)…all those water projects that never came to light, that instead of drilling a new borehole they provided a pipe network from the old borehole which “dries” a few months later…sewerage lines busting in the town unrepaired for weeks, matatu termini which instead of cabro and concrete end up with just compacted quarry dust ….etcetera, etcetera.


Don’t get me wrong, nobody is blameless, if we only blame the people in the big office we will be unfair to them, how will change come to the grassroots when we recycle the same people over and over again? We need to also start speaking with our voters  card, not spoken for with a fifty or a hundred bob from the politician’s pocket!!


If we want change, it should come from the roots up, just like a tree, the nutrients are absorbed from the soil, transported through the system to nourish the tree and finally the fruits are a manifestation of a successful process. Raila and Uhuru cannot go from village to village to supervise the use of public funds and if anything, the former is not obligated to do so while the latter has other things like national security to think about.

He is obligated by law to put the interests of the nation first, and so is every other person voted to office.


That’s why the crafty MCAs are getting richer as the presidency tries to appease the general public for another term in office (as lay men would put it) . They benefit from the improved road networks, technology, international trade, etc. while the common Mwananchi has no water or access to sanitation.

I love the loud debates on every social media page about the next president, but never do I hear anyone talk about their sleeping MCA or their MP who has never opened their mouth in parliament.


Fellow citizens, let’s not lose focus. Let’s hold every individual in office accountable. Because until then, I don’t see how changing the central government and maintaining the grassroots leaders will make any difference! (If Turkana county is allocated 11B Ksh every year by the government , I want to believe none of it goes to CDF, and if the people responsible aren’t held accountable, it doesn’t matter who is the president, most of it will still be misappropriated by the individuals at county, constituency and ward levels.


I will be happy when the debate is louder in the social media, when it will encompass all elected offices. When we will awaken and overhaul the whole system.


Let’s play our part too as informed and learned Kenyans to vote for progress not just vote for change and let’s hold our leaders accountable!


It’s until we start holding everyone accountable that they’ll be responsible for their actions, no president would like to be associated with selfish, corrupt grassroots leaders. It’s until we audit and bring their actions to the light, that the presidents will start holding them to account because if he doesn’t, his own legacy is at stake here. Only then, shall we the voters be able to get the leaders who are essentially our “employees” to serve!!




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