Early Christmas, why Not?

So facebook keeps asking me to what’s on my mind, so I decided to empty a bit of it to my online audience bearing in mind the season we are in, you know, eat, get fat, gym in january, Kesi badae kind of stuff…

I know you probably don’t care about your health as much as I do mine but guess what, I’ll help you out anyway, that’s what friends do, right?

so, for those ladies and gentlemen who plan on going for an eating spree, here we go.


1. Eat as much meat as MUCH meat as you CAN but make sure you accompany it with loads of vegetables, try an assortment of them, Kachumbari, lettuce, tomatoes, and the famous guacamole. The ration should be half salad half meat, it’ll take care of the bloat that comes with meat consumption.

2. Drink more water than alcohol and soda, don’t ask me why, just do it. you will thank me later.

3. While cooking for your family, take your time, let the pan heat first,

add the onions,

stir them for sometime,

actually, make it long enough,

add garlic and ginger and give it a lot more time while you stir,

if it sticks to the pan, add some water and continue stirring then slowly add tomatoes, tomato paste and the rest of the spices (fresh spices are recommended)

Give each item much LOVE and attention, in fact give it a name of one of your loved ones and stir as you say, this is for Jake for example and spoil it with love, give it all the time it needs. COOK SLOOOOOWLY! in culinary terms they’d say, cook under very low heat but this can have other connotations.

Then add water, …..cook rice, beans, lentils etc..of importance to note is that for every ingredient you add, you allow two minutes of stirring, in short allow the new item to marry the rest of them items. Yes!! It WORKS!!!

4. For kienyeji chicken, roast, smoke,  bake it first then add to the above paste recipe. (see no.3 for details) use a glass of water as an indicator to ensure the chicken is readily soft. add water slowly and let it cook, by the way, do not rush the chicken, again as we indicated earlier, cook under very low heat.

When you’ve completed the glass of water, depending on the amount of chicken, you can now add your soup, preferably hot water then serve. …


let me know how it goes…Enjoy a wonderful christmas.
Adapted from Sheila Mukoto. .food

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