By Omemo Spinks


When I smile, you smile at me. I wink and you do.

I stretch out to reach you and you also do.

I like you because you are alert and never in abeyance.

You only become different when I start to sing and dance.

You pantomime, contort your face and balter.

I suddenly stop and burst into laughter.

You surely are terrible at song and dance.

I became fond of you and I watched you grow.

You are rather silent as a friend but you are more like a bro

You always tell me when my hair is unkempt

or if there is a button I hurriedly skept.

You have bad manners of speaking when I do.

No wonder I never hear a thing you say each time I try to.

You surely are terrible with communication.

You have now grown breasts and the hourglass figure is built.

You actually seem older but your condition is mint

You also appear darker now due to the silt deposited by time

But still savouring enough for this piece of berhyme

I notice that you also try some art on your face.

A trim here and paint there until wrinkles and scars leave no trace

You surely are terrible with making compliments

If you allow me, there is something I want to try

I want to tell you something without being shy

“I love you. I love you very much”

I see you tell me the very same thing without meaning it as much.

Your indifference makes sense now, I feel your anhedonia

And for or a moment, I start to fear.

You surely are terrible at inspiring confidence

You are the reason I got rejected by Phil

I told him I loved him but he did not seem to feel

I even danced for him but I did not impress

I tried singing and Phil took off without a trace

I now know I contorted my face like you do.

My voice, I was not on key and I didn’t empty my lungs through.

You surely are terrible at impressing a man.

Indeed, you were never a true friend

I guess you were just being a mirror and following my trend

I am now 37 and I badly need Phil to be mine

There is a sense in which I am behind time

I have tried to fake my love for him

You told me it was fake but I still want to pet him

You surely are terrible at pretending

You lied that you knew how to dance

You lied that you were audacious

In my anger, I will toss this scissor at you

I have seen you pick up a pair too

You deserve to feel the dent in my esteem

“Crash”!!!!! I think I just had a bad daydream.

“It surely is a terrible idea to trust a mirror”

Mom: “SOFIA, what are you breaking this time around? I have a whole set of new glasses. Why don’t you come over and try your hands on them as well?”


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10 thoughts on “ Glassy”

  1. Spinks has a way with words…he makes me feel, they make me feel..and as a writer ,his ability to make his readers feel is a talent not many have,he does, and I can’t wait to read his works ,I love it and I love you ?.

  2. Goosebumps??. Congrats Mike. You didnt have to throw me under the bus, you owe me royalties better credit me? for steering you on this esoteric path where words find you.

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