Graduation of Write Your Passion Program

By Elias Muhatia

This is a brief summary of the remarks by Mr. Raphael Obonyo, the Guest Speaker during the Write Your Passion Program Graduation (April 17, 2021).

Raphael Obonyo emphasized the remarks by John Lewis, the late American politician, statesman and civil rights activist, that you should never keep silent when you see injustice happening; always speak up. According to Raphael, you can speak up by writing.

As a writer, you might not be on the streets to demonstrate or advocate for societal issues. However, you have an opportunity to write and still speak to your audience. Even though advocating for human rights and freedom through writing may not align well with some individuals’ personal interests, writing or speaking up is better than keeping silent. According to Raphael, there is a price for everything, including being silent.


Raphael emphasized the need to write on the subject that you are passionate about. This simplifies your writing and makes it interesting. Consistency is also a crucial part of the journey of writing. Avoid taking long breaks. Write your thoughts when you have them instead of waiting for another day. Procrastination is a serious hindrance to consistency.

Authenticity is essential in writing. This means writing about your perspectives and experiences rather than trying to copy others. The structure of your writing is also crucial to attract and maintain the readers. Therefore, Raphael recommends clarity in your topic. The topic should be clear and captivating to the audience. It is also important to think about the resources that you may need while writing about a specific subject.

The introductory paragraph should be captivating to the reader. Similarly, the conclusion should be a call to action. The reader should not be left wondering if the last paragraph marked the end of your writing/thoughts. Raphael believes writing should be conversational. You should feel that the piece of writing is communicating specific information rather than being all over in perspectives and ideas.

The guest speaker encouraged the attendees to keep writing as it opens up immense opportunities.

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