If only you will

If only you will

By Emmanuel Otieno Obwanga


The glare at dusk

Isn’t fit enough to make me a mask,

A toast of bread cannot be made,

Nor does a ray of light quick enough to make a shade,

A quick look at you make me amazed,

I wish I could say,

Sometimes I may,

Though step by step ,

If only you will


At first  I tried ,

Gazing and looking aside,

Making my mind find a place to decide,

Though deep within I longed to decide,

To look you straight in the eye,

And say to you,

Your look makes me fly,

Though not so high in the sky,

But only someone blind,

At his own risk made himself bound,

And still resist your smile,

I feel like ,

Running and singing to you,

 If only you will


If I was asked,

And the earth tasked,

I would easily fight for glory ,

Yet I find it hard to say to you ,

That love has no boundary,

If only you will


For more of his poetry read Poetry of it’s time

By Emmanuel Otieno Obwanga

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