In pursuit of happiness and personal growth.

By Immaculate Ajiambo.
Creating lasting satisfaction in our lives is everyone’s desire and
motivation. It is a journey that most times we find ourselves losing
and ending up in stress, anxiety, depression and even committing
suicide. It is the inward peace that breeds happiness and happiness
breeds a sense of gratification.

Simple courtesies of life are one way of reaching our ultimate goal.
Is our speech kind or rude? Is our action gentle or rough? It is clear
that harsh words grieve a soul and make it hard and a sincere smile
melts a stone-hearted person to be fervent. Moreover,  all that is
good has goodness in return. Therefore, we are called to keep our
relationships at all levels clear and clean, free from mistrust and
bad blood. Remember that we do not get anywhere by trampling on other
people by making them appear less efficient or bad. Take advantage of
opportunities but not people.

I quote Ellen G.White, “Words of sympathy and kindness will do well as
a medicine and will heal souls that are in despair.” Purpose to bless
someone with a kind word such as thank you, have a nice day and getting
concerned about their welfare. Amidst the high economy crisis and so
much hate in the air, nobody was wired to be impious that they lack
shreds of gentleness in their dealings. When we neglect the good
dealings in pursuit of luxury and wealth wretchedness and wickedness
takes center stage and that is why our media is flooded with
horrendous news features.

Undoubtedly, people will hurt us including family members and close friends. We are urged to
forgive as many times as possible and to bury grudges. Forgetting what
they did may take time but as it was coined, time heals. Move on.

They say the truth sets us free. The truth hurts and is expensive so
how does it set us free? It does so in a way where we will not have to
force our minds to recall what lie we had said earlier to cover our
face. When we are honest we make our conscience free from guilt. Do
the right thing at the right time is part of being truthful. We are to
take our time to figure out what is expected of us and in that manner
we will know what is the right thing.

How real are we? What motivates us to do what we do? Once we have
answered these questions we will realize that we did not accommodate
everyone in the responses. It is fine because we cannot be everything
to everyone and everyone cannot be everything to us. We ought to
accept ourselves as we are and embrace others as they are. Let us not
pretend to be something we are not.

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