Innocent Criminal

By Wr. Emily Kimani.


He takes his stand on the dock,

Unmoved by the ticking of the clock,

His stance worse than a ravenous dog,

Crime charged read, No penalty!


As stealthy as a cat,

He commits his crime,

A fox with icy touch,

Yet, his crime is justified!


No witness summons courage,

Case closed, a lash of scourge,

Free he roams and looms,

His groom our gloom and groans.


Saddled in sorrow and sadness,

Crouching and colling for comfort,

Overwhelmed, obliged to capitulate,

Acceding the lot, yet consternate.



Who can charge him?

He takes neither a definite form nor description,

His religion is no-discrimination,

Death, you take away the wealthy of nations.




































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