Interview Questions with June Mukhwana

Interview Questions with June Mukhwana

By Juliet Mwangi

Whether you’re a writer or not, you know how great an impact negativity from people towards your work and efforts does to a person. It ultimately kills the dream and you need to fight on with resilience to keep doing your best and use the negative criticisms for your own good. Such is the story of June Mukhwana, an Economist, story teller and reader. Despite the challenges she faced with writing, she was able to rise and keep pursuing her passion and this she does so well.

We have a little chat with June about her experience in the Write Your Passion course offered by Writers Guild Kenya.


  1. Tell us a little about your writing and reading journey.

I owe my mum the credit for my reading today. Since way back in Primary School, I loved books and my mum bought them in plenty for my twin and I especially during the holidays. I also enjoyed reading my elder siblings’ set books. Long-distance travels were never my cup of tea and to kill the boredom, I always carried a book with me when going to school; I have learnt in schools far from home from Primary to the University. This worked to always shorten the dreadful journeys.

I knew I could write when I was in the University and even started a blog but I didn’t like it that much. I faced so much negativity but with time, I realized I could use that as a stepping stone and I am still writing on my blog

  1. In a nutshell, describe your experience in the Write Your Passion course.

My experience at Write Your Passion Class, was exhilarating. I walked into the very first class full of self-doubt. Sitting next to strangers who were enthusiastic about writing and being taught by trainers with great expertise in the writing world had me looking forward to the next classes. It was such an awesome experience imagine getting to see Biko Zulu in person! By the end of the 5 weeks, we had all moved from being a bunch of strangers to a writing family. I’m certain I wouldn’t experience this elsewhere.

  1. Did participating in it answer any questions you had on writing?

Yes, it did answer so many questions that I had and it helped reduce my self-doubt about writing. This is one of those experiences that have made such a huge impact on my writing prowess and I am certain it still will, years to come.

  1. Given such privilege, would you recommend the course to be included in the Kenyan curriculum at any level of education? Kindly explain.

Yes, I would recommend it to be added to the Kenyan curriculum, probably at the Secondary School level, because students are always creative and all they need is a boost and a reassurance that they could become great writers. At this level, students are getting to understand themselves and this helps in making critical decisions on what career paths to pursue. Having the Write Your Passion as part fo the curriculum would help the creative ones a great deal.

  1. When should we expect a book from you?

I’ll be honest that I haven’t started writing one yet, but who knows? It may be sooner than we all think.

  1. Having written one, who would you love to give a foreword for your book?

The Writers Guild Kenya definitely. The dedication and hospitality I have seen in them inspires me and I know no one would wear this shoe better.

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  1. Some of us we tend to say our dreams are shuttered for we lack funds,support and even the courage to move on with our careers but the thing is that we don’t go and extra mile for us to achieve all writers started went and extra mile to find whom they are

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