It’s okay to share memes, but what about opportunities?

By Gabriel Dinda

Every time I come across something good, I feel like sharing it with all my friends and encouraging them to take part in it. I have done this a few times and the greatest joy is someone coming back to you to let you know that the information you shared was helpful. A friend of mine recently came back to me beaming with appreciation since he had gotten a chance after applying for an opportunity I had shared.

We live in times when we have too much information that we do not take notice of it. Due to the abundance of opportunities and the engagements in multiple avenues, we are not very keen to share the information with our friends. We assume that, somehow, they have also come across it. Some are simply not sensitive to the needs of their friends. We are happy sharing jokes and memes but not opportunities with our friends. This is not to mean that we are mean or jealous, we just don’t take notice that our friends could find the information useful.

It is on this basis that I write this to encourage you to consider sharing every ‘good thing’ that you come across. Feel guilty of attending an event alone. Feel very guilty of taking part in a competition or applying for an opportunity without informing your friends. If you come across a good place, or something that you greatly appreciate, ensure that your friends know about it. How many friends should you share an opportunity with? You ask. Well, like Mother Teresa, if you can’t share it with one hundred friends, then share it with just one. But why would you be unable to share it with one hundred?
When you create this culture, you will soon experience something magical. You will be receiving so many opportunities from your friends that you could be overwhelmed. Not that you should have this in mind as you share the opportunities with your friends. This is just but a natural consequence. What you give, you get in larger quantities.

What stops you from calling a friend of yours and letting them know that you came across an opportunity you feel is ideal for them? What stops you from reminding them to take part even on the last day? What stops you from explaining to them the requirements and if need be, guiding them through the application? What stops you from facilitating or even paying for one of your friends to take part in a training, for instance? Perhaps, that friend who keeps asking you for financial help needs financial literacy training more than the money. Why not consider paying for them to take part in such if you’re able?
What a joy to enjoy it with your friend. What a joy to share all the good things you come across! Try it.

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