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Welcome to Writers Guild-Kenya 


By going through the process to be part of Writers Guild Kenya, you have taken a step to be part of something so special, something which will ensure you grow progressively. You are now entitled to all that we offer.

We have, however, realized that when you have a buffet, you tend to only concentrate on a specific type of food, and in doing that, you miss out on some sumptuous foods.

We thought it necessary to share these guidelines on how to get the best and most from Writers Guild Kenya. We count on your commitment to follow them so that we indeed grow you to be the writer that the world needs.

  • WhatsApp

You are now part of our WhatsApp Group The Writers Centre’. Make a deliberate effort to go through all the messages; in there lie opportunities, notices and events that will be of interest to you.

  • Ask questions which trouble you, and our Writers will answer you. Sometimes, what you struggle with is someone’s piece of cake.
  • Read articles posted and comment on areas you would suggest the writers to improve on.
  • Post articles which you write, and let others critique them so as to grow.
  • Identify a Writer with whom you share interests (could be unrelated to writing) and approach them to be your reading partner. You can even discuss books read together.
  • Use this as your library; read what others have shared so that you also keep pace with the Writing industry.
  • Engage Writers whom we host from time to time and learn from them. Let this be your classroom.
  • Try as much as possible to be in other Writing and Reading related groups. When you get opportunities to grow, share with the rest.
  • Remember to be courteous and kind in your engagement with the rest.
  • Should you notice anything wrong, reach out to the management team. We are here for you.

(ii) Email

  • You are now part of Writers Guild Kenya Google Group. This is like WhatsApp in email. When you write something or require an opinion, feel free to post here as well.
  • If you have any questions, however basic (in your opinion) just email us through write@writersguild.co.ke and we will do our best to reply before dusk.
  • Check your email at least once every two days as we will send you emails periodically with opportunities and important details.
  • Feel free to share some interesting books, quotes or articles.
  • Subscribe to email newsletters from famous Writers or other Writers’ organizations (even those based in other countries). In Kenya, you could consider people like Walter Akolo, Bikozulu, etc.

(iii) Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

We are present in all the three social media platforms as ‘Writers Guild Kenya’. Like and follow us for instant updates.

  • Every time you visit these platforms, check what we might have posted when you weren’t there. The discussions held therein will definitely enrichen you. Feel free to share on your timelines as well.
  • Should you have a quick question, feel free to inbox us and we shall get back to you at the earliest possible chance.

(iv) Ekklesia and Other events

  • Every Friday between 2 pm and 4.30 pm, we organize a Writers’ session for you at Nairobi National Museum. After the interactive session, feel free to strike a conversation with a fellow Writer and share.
  • During the week, there are partner events, or other activities we take part in. We ask you to be proactive and contact us so that you participate together with us. We will also send you notices of the events.
  • Every first Saturday of the month, we organize Writers Bootcamp at our training Centre in Kiambu County. If you will come from outside Nairobi, contact us at least two weeks prior as we can help with travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • Every three months, we organize a Writer’s retreat. Welcome to three days of nothing but beautiful writing.

The secret here is not just attending as many events and activities as possible, but participating actively by sharing contacts and networking.

(V) Library, Bookshop and other Book Environments

  • Register at a library near you. If in Nairobi, you can consider the US Embassy Library; they allow you to read, do research, borrow books, print documents and do all you want – for free.
  • Other options include National Museum Library, Kenya National Library, Goethe Institut Library (Reg. fee-Ksh 800 yearly), Alliance Francaise Library (Reg. Ksh.1000 yearly). Visit it at least once a week, borrow a book and engage with people in the spaces. Check around you, and you will see a place to belong.
  • When you visit a new town, ask for the library which is close by. There is something magical about sampling variety.
  • Have you ever visited a publisher before, at their premises? Try it, you will be shocked at how friendly they are.
  • Always prepare, budget and save for Nairobi International annual Book Fair. This is a good time to buy books ( at unbelievable discounts) and to visit all book industry players under one roof.


Other Key Points to keep you going

  • When you visit any new place in Kenya, ask if there is one of our Writers there. Catch up with them, make friends. All our Writers are refined people.
  • Always have a book you are reading and carry it wherever you go so that any slight opportunity that you get, you read it.
  • Should you have any personal problems, count on us as the first family. We believe that we can help you through any problem (either directly or indirectly).
  • You can register with our Editor so that you are allocated an accountability partner. You will then set your targets – as a reminder to keep your writing commitments.
  • Write down all the titles and authors of the books you have read; we will use that list one day to allocate your opportunities and give you a gift hamper.
  • Download Apps which helps you in your Writing journey such as Pocket, Keep It, ANYbooks etc.
  • Ensure you have a blog or any outlet channel for your articles. You can send your articles to us; if they qualify after review, we shall post them in our Website.
  • Should you have any ideas, which can help us in building this home better, please feel free to share with us.
  • Go through these guidelines often and always be reminded of your responsibilities and rights.
  • Always have the heart to share with a fellow writer. That’s what a family is meant to do.


Guidelines for a More productive time when you attend our activities.

  1. Be on time and participate in the full session.
    2. Let everyone be heard.
    3. Be accommodative of other people’s ideas, encourage wild ideas.
    4. Be present fully, give full attention to all the tasks given and contribute openly.
    5. Take interest in everyone.
    6. Questions and Discussions should be short because we all want to talk and the team leader might call you to order in case you exceed a reasonable time.
    7. Use formal language for inclusion (English and Kiswahili).
    8. Leave Mobile phone, laptops or any other devices, which will distract you out of this quality time which we will have.


WRITERS’REFLECTION GUIDE (to help you pause and look back)

  • Have I shared content which grows someone today?
  • Have I taken at least 30 minutes to read today?
  • Have I read and provided feedback to any of our writers today?
  • Have I been helped someone today in any way?
  • Have I tried something new today?
  • Have I taken a few minutes to just reflect and cool my mind today?
  • Have I given someone hope today?
  • Have I done anything to get me closer to my ultimate goal today?
  • Have I written at least a page today?



Writers Guild Kenya operates in accordance with the Christian principles of faith and morality. These principles inspire and guide all the activities of the Organization. All the writers are expected to respect, comply with and respect all these guidelines as they are intended for perfect harmony and creation of conducive atmosphere. It is hoped that this code will provide our writers with a way of self-monitoring of personal development and growth in virtues and concern for others.

The Writers, while on the activities of WGK, are expected to dress and behave in a professional manner. WGK encourages high standards of personal grooming, and to dress in simple, decent, modest and appropriate attire: sloppy and sloven dress and appearance are unacceptable. The dress code helps in maintaining a conducive atmosphere for growth. You are given the liberty to dress according to your preference so long as they adhere to the conventions of good grooming.

To help maintain a professional atmosphere, external physical displays of affection between men and women(holding hands, arms around shoulders or waist, tight hugging, excessive touching, grabbing and holding etc) are inappropriate and unnecessary. Friendship is encouraged among the writers but must be in a dignified and respectful manner.

We encourage our writers to consider a period in which they are at Writers Guild Kenya, as that which they enable them to not only grow in their writing but one which enables them to grow in: communication skills, Critical thinking skills, self-management skills, leadership skills and Inter-Personal skills. WGK views life beyond writing. Through our togetherness, we have a chance to grow in our intellectual, spiritual, moral and social advancement.

While every effort will be made to keep the environment or WGK activities safe, writers are reminded that the organization cannot take responsibility for any item lost or misplaced during such activities. Students should take care of their belongings and should not leave them unattended to.

Things to try out at WGK

  • Learn a new language.
  • Write an article for the WGK Website.
  • Lose all your friends and try to find new ones.
  • Admit when you don’t know something.
  • Successfully stop a bad habit.
  • Go through a week without complaining.
  • Do someone a big favour
  • Remember to say ‘thank you’
  • Know the history of WGK.





Email: write@writersguild.co.ke

Phone (Office)-+254751562750(Available on WhatsApp as well)

Facebook/Twitter/IG-‘Writers Guild Kenya’



Let’s grow, serve God and humanity through Writing and Reading


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